The parties present their solutions on the field

The parties present their solutions on the field

When ranchers and farmers take to the roads, they also influence the political conversation. In recent days, it is difficult to find a political leader facing the microphone who does not have to take a position on the situation in the countryside and the demands of the thousands of workers who took to the streets to protest the arrival of products from third countries or the restrictions imposed by the Common Agricultural Policy. But, apart from the statements, what are the parties doing in Congress?

We must understand that it is difficult to respond to the demands of the agricultural sector, which began mobilizing a few days ago, and to immediately turn them into law. For this reason, the vast majority of groups that were interested in the issue presented their proposals through illegal proposals. This means that they are non-binding initiatives, but serve to define future legislative actions.

Nope s Like the PSOE This week they took part in the Galician elections – not counting the big amnesty issue – and devoted their debates in the plenary sessions of Congress and the Senate to defending improvements in Galicia in the run-up to the 2018 elections. But the two formations took up positions in the Senate Agriculture Committee that met last Monday. Those ofAlberto Nunez Viejo – who accused the government of “environmental dogma” – said the European Commission should implement more food safety measures for citrus fruits from non-EU third countries to avoid unfair competition; Declaring the dairy and livestock sectors as strategic sectors; Improving food chain law and ensuring generational relief (without providing more realism).

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In this same committee, the Socialist Workers' Party put forward another non-legislative proposal that raised the need to modernize irrigation systems and establish “proper management of water for irrigation as a priority.” They also proposed promoting renewable energies to further implement the “sustainable irrigation model.” Two days later, during the government's monitoring session, the head of the executive authority, Pedro SanchezHe talked about “strengthening the food chain” but did not provide any other evidence.

Various rescue plans

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Fox This week I registered an illegal proposal that will soon be discussed in the plenary session of Congress. In this text, the Ultras take their rejection of the European Union to the extreme and demand the condemnation of the European Green Charter and its “dangerous consequences”, the cancellation of all policies that come from this Charter and the 2030 Agenda or the guarantee of “food sovereignty”. And eliminate unfair competition.” For his part, Somar also registered an initiative on Friday in the Congressional Agriculture Committee. That Yolanda Diaz In their texts, they raise drought contingency plans, prioritize assistance to the sector towards a social and family agricultural model, promote a comprehensive agricultural rescue plan, make the Common Agricultural Policy more flexible and simplified, and improve mechanisms to ensure food security and safety standards for farmers. The entry of plant products and, finally, the recognition of professional agricultural organizations as representatives and interlocutors.

The Equity and Reconciliation Commission also submitted a non-legal proposal for “urgent measures”. They propose to “give flexibility” to demands coming from Europe, both at the bureaucratic level and at the level of aid from the Common Agricultural Policy. Amending the criteria for allocation and distribution of CAP resources so that they are “predominantly allocated to small and medium farmers”; “Cripple” negotiations on free trade agreements with third countries, implement more controls on imports and finally reform the food chain law.

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