Bassetti: “This is how the United States defends itself after reducing pragmatism and public knowledge and isolation.”

Pragmatism e general knowledge, So United States They are defending themselves Govt International Distribution Modulating, dependingItaly, Points outPassetti Epidemiologist, We hope that our country will change over time Checks, From Forty, tracking with i tampons, Dell ‘Reliable loneliness Further Mandatory masks, But only for certain days.

“As always Americans are very pragmatic Above all they use general knowledge – noteEpidemiologist Matteo Pacetti Commented on what was thus decided Isolation for Govt dai Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Americans. – Who knows if we too will follow the general knowledge and scientific evidence. I believe”.

Here, then, the US strategy against Govt And this New Omicron variant, In short Facebook From Director of Infectious Diseases Clinic All ‘San Martino Polyclinic Hospital in Genoa: “If you have Positive, Both vaccinated and unvaccinated, You 5 days at home e If you have no symptoms you can go outside Keeps continuing Mask for another 5 days.

“If you had A positive interaction You are Three-dose vaccine, Or with Two within 6 months Or with J & J Within 2 months, Isolation is not required – Reveals Pacetti – But only Put on the mask When you interact with others For 10 days e Fifth dayIf possible, you can make one Wipe”.

On the other hand, if you are in contact and have not been vaccinated Or you do not have Completed the vaccination cycle (6 months after the second dose for example), stay 5 days at home Then continue to use Mask for another 5 days And, if possible, a Tampon after 5 days. – Passetti concludes. – If for any reason you can not do it Forty, Put Mask for 10 days“.

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