In this pretty village you will find homes for only €35,000: an opportunity not to be missed

In this pretty village you will find homes for only €35,000: an opportunity not to be missed

In a beautiful village there is an opportunity not to be missed. Here you will find homes for only 35,000€. This is the place.

A village with houses for only 35,000 euros – Photo Giorgio Mighali

One of the dreams of many Italians It is to have a home in a quiet and scenic location.

Sometimes, however, real estate costs are high and the dream fades away, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up.

The Italian village where you can buy a house for only 35,000 euros

in Italy, There are many villages that will allow you to buy a house for not cheap and for this reason in less attractive places.

Many municipalities allow homes to be sold for money only 1 euro With the buyer’s promise to renew it within a predetermined period of time.

This happens to revive the village and give new life to the area that will slowly depopulate.

But not everyone wants to live in a country with a small population and they have to renovate the house and thus choose other locations.

Although you want to pay a modest amount to buy a home, you want to get it in a place that has basic services.

Because of inflation, the cost of almost everything has gone up and purchasing power has fallen dramatically.

Porta San Nicolas Radio
Porta San Nicola, Radio – Wikipedia

One of the best ways to invest our savings is to buy a property at an affordable price.

without having to stay and emigrate to others States Where you can find cheap homes near the sea, there is a local area in Italy, Where you can buy a house for only 35,000 euros.

There are many offers that are included in websites for the sale of real estate.

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But there is a state in puglia, very close to Gallipoli Which is a very suggestive village where the houses are very cheap.

around Ardio The country where the famous Italian singer grew up Emma Brownwinner b San Remo Festival 2012.

Arado, the town is a stone’s throw from the sea

located in Salento South Central, in the province Lychee to Ardio It is possible to find homes for less than 35,000 euros.

In the heart of the historic center it is possible to buy a house in good condition and habitable of 60m2 divided into two rooms and a bathroom with a staircase leading to the terrace.

with 30,000 eurosOn the other hand, it is possible to buy a house that is a bit bigger but needs some renovation work.

Ardio It is a village not far from Puglia beaches Known more, it has a population of about 10,000.

The Italian village where you can buy a house for only 35,000 euros
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Not directly on the sea, it is one of the strategic cities in Puglia to reach as it is located just a few meters from the sea. Ionian Sea And Adriatic.

Easily a few minutes drive or by taking the train you can reach places like Gallipoli, Gulf of the Turks And Otranto.

Aradeo is also included in Authentic circuit villages in Italy And everyone conquered because of the typical courtyard houses.

It is still possible to visit many of these places and it is also interesting to visit the churches characteristic of the place and to taste the Apulian dishes typical of this region.

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