How to register in the Public Opposition Register: No more unwanted calls

How to register in the Public Opposition Register: No more unwanted calls

Registering on the Public Opposition Register allows you to put an end to telemarketing calls: here's how to do it.

How to block calls from call centers (

Users are now accustomed to receiving calls from call centers and telemarketers. However, if this “inconvenience” was previously rare, Recently, these calls have clearly increased. Some users receive several of them every day and do not know how to put an end to what has become a nightmare. Is there a way to block these phone calls permanently and get back to living and working with complete peace of mind?

Public record of the opposition: No more calls from call centres

The best solution to stop telemarketing calls on your phone is Public record of the opposition. It is precisely a register containing all numbers that do not give consent to takeover by telemarketing agencies (although there are some exceptions).

Registration in the public register of the opposition stops telemarketing calls (

How to register in the public registry of the opposition? Before you understand how to join this list, it is good to remember that an RPO is a service Issued by the Ministry of Economic Development (And it's completely free).

Registration in the register is allowed for all numbers, landline and mobile, and allows you to do so Protect your privacy Block calls from call centers.

However, subscribing to an RPO is not always enough to put an end to this inconvenience: if the user is in some situations He has given his consent to the processing of his data for marketing purposes Here calls will still arrive, albeit to a lesser extent.

Furthermore, signing up for an RPO does not block calls from you Foreign call centerssince they are not required to comply with the legislation of our country.

With that cleared up, all that remains is to understand how to register on the public opposition registry. This can be done online, by going to the dedicated page (you can access using SPID and without authentication) e By filling out the required fieldsBefore ticking, I have read and declare the truthfulness of the data.

If the number verification is successful, you will see the message “Verified!”: All you have to do is tap “Continue,” mark “Phone History” and tap “Confirm.”

Registration can also be done by phone or email

If you prefer to register by phone, just call the number 800957766 From landline number e 0642986411 From the mobile number, following all instructions provided in both cases.

Finally, you can also register for RPO via email. To do this, you must go to the designated page on the Opposition Register website Download the PDF of the form Which you will need to fill out and send via email (located in the Email Registration section).

After completing the download, fill out the form and email it to the address [email protected].

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