In the newspaper and magazine app on Fatto Quotidiano on December 31: Microbiologist: “Rules against science”


Talking about dragons: the decree is not in Italian

Great is confusion under an epidemic sky, whether in the closed rooms of the cabinet or in the open rows of those desperately searching for a tampon. Now, the language of law has never really sparkled in elegance and accessibility: in other words, laws have always been poorly written, and seem voluntarily illegible to […]

is the folder

Recovery paralyzes Italy that is still fossilized

Dear Energy – What blows on the heights


“The massacres aimed at putting Berlusconi in the saddlebag with Dell Otri.”

Bruska’s statements to prosecutors in the investigation

after cdm file

Cooley’s impact on government, Draghi admits: ‘We’re at the end of the race’

Omicron and the Divided Parties – ‘Furious Struggle’: Leta and Matarella in the Field to ‘Protect’ the Former ECB and Push it to the Quirinale

The Interview – Luciano Canfora

“Other than miracles, the prime minister collapses before the test of facts”

Professor Canfora, you are among the few “regular people” who fail to appreciate the miracle of Draghi. Dragian’s miracle is a rhetorical construct that collapses before the test of facts. It seems to me that in addition to the bowing of the parties, especially the Democratic Party under his orders, he has achieved little. when yes […]


Ostia, PD gift to seaside resorts stop anti-abuse race

Beach privileges – MUNICIPIO X cancels bids placed after Mondo di Mezzo


Pierre Silvio: “On TV my father is in perfect shape”

In Cologno Monzese, there are quiet Christmas days. The atmosphere is almost suspended: there is so much anticipation for the New Year that, as Silvio Berlusconi repeats to his aides, it will begin with the “battle of battles”, the Battle of the Quirinale. And also Mediaset, of course, must make their contribution to try to make his dream come true […]

the interview

“Other than the best, they are novice charlatans and decide not to science”

Andrea Crisanti – microbiologist


Omicron jump, new record: 126,888 more deaths

With that said, there is another infection record in Italy: there were 126,888 cases yesterday (Wednesday was 98,020). Twenty-four hours before that, the victims were 156,148 patients, and 1,226 patients are in intensive care (41 more with 134 admissions per day). The number of people with symptoms in regular wards is 10,866, and thus another 288 in a single day. a […]

Berlusconi’s Quirinale? no thanks

Spread, ECB Auto Message, Euro Laughter and Monty: The End

2011, Jul. The collapse of the Cavalier’s reputation due to sensational scandals is coupled with financial scandals: the shoulder bag, the spread crosses 400, and speculators are betting on Italy. The government is paralyzed by clashes between Berlusconi and Brunetta (the Palestinian Authority minister), who have announced massive tax cuts, Tremonti, who considers it impossible, and Bossi, who opposes […]

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money for politics

Parliament, 2Xmille denied to 5 stars “not registered in the party registry”

For 2022, there is no talk of that, in the future who knows: the M5S’ request for access to 2 per thousand was denied by the Commission to ensure platform, transparency and control over party reporting. which was notified on December 23 of the Good Judgment to the Five Leaders. To take advantage of […]

Evidence of Pd-M5s Agreement

Milan, to Pavone the board’s leadership on innovation

An appointment that also carries a political message: the desire of the Democratic Party and the M5S to ally in light of the regional elections in Lombardy in 2023. What did not happen during the last administrative offices in Milan. Thus, the mayor of the Lombard capital, Beppe Sala, appointed Leila Pavoni, a former member of the Fatou Board of Directors […]

440 migrants on board

Sea Watch Waits 7 Days: ‘Let the Kids Down’

7 days ago, he was seeking a safe haven from which 440 rescued migrants were disembarked in 5 different rescue operations. Sea Watch 3 is now requiring that at least minors be brought ashore: On board the ship are 167 unaccompanied minors, ages 8 to 17, and 14 children under one year old. […]

Refunds and Poli Piedmont

Barzi the last letter before suicide: “I can no longer bear the suffering”

He wanted to write “The End of History”. That is the subject of the email left by Angelo Porzi, a Forza Italia advocate in Turin, who committed suicide on Christmas Eve, before shooting himself in the head. A letter in which the politician, who was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzlement on December 14 in a repeat appeal of the ‘Rivrobesopoly’ trial, explains, […]

20 years old disappeared in Novellara

Saman on the fourteenth of the examination of skull fragments

On January 14, non-recurring technical investigations were found on a bone fragment, part of the skull, on November 3 in Bo, in the municipality of Burito, about 20 kilometers from the place where Saman Abbas, a aged Pakistani 20 years. A resident of Novellara, who had disappeared into thin air, was to be killed. On April 30, after opposing an arranged marriage. […]

The new mayor

Gualtieri’s First Triumph: The Disappearance of Waste and Wild Boars (from newspapers and TV)

“Your nicknames are different, last year these days had a completely different character.” It was Roberto Gualtieri himself, in an outburst of honest gullibility, who explained how the treatment that the local Romanian press held for the mayor has changed, now that Virginia Raggi no longer sits at the top of the Capitol. during […]

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convicted of theft

Goes to Mat the Cat: Fugitive Arrested for 9 Years

He went to a friend’s house in Reggio to pet a cat. But he is wanted all over Europe for thefts committed in France and arrested. A 35-year-old citizen of Moldova, who was sentenced to two years in prison by the court of the coastal city of Saint-Malo in Breton, convicted of a series of robberies […]

tears and blood

Covid fund ends: workers on their knees

Goodbye to social safety nets, but it’s a complete emergency and Bronita is against smart work despite the infection

the interview

“The government treated her disrespectfully, but our patience is over now.”

Piotta – “No Moisturizer, No Support, Not Even Morally”

Water and electricity bills

Here’s the sting: +55% for light and +41.8% for gas

New rates from tomorrow

green germany

Nuclear power plants in Berlin still have 6 plants and today they will close three plants

After 35 years of operation, today Germany will withdraw three of the last six nuclear power plants. The Brokdorf, Grohnde and Gundremmingen C reactors, operated by E.On and Rwe facilities, will be decommissioned. It is Berlin’s penultimate step towards completing its nuclear withdrawal to focus on renewable energy. the last […]

Journalists’ salaries

Inpgi, Corte Conte rejected the budget and failed reforms

With perfect timing, the Audit Bureau report – launched on November 30 – that shreds the 2019 budget and policies of Inpgi, the journalists’ pension fund, was published the day after a vote of confidence in the government’s gambit that endorsed INPS’s Meet the Neighbor […]

Died at the age of 82

Scarpa: A cult actor for Verdone, Troisi, Moretti and De Crescenzo

Farewell to Renato Scarpa. The actor died of a sudden illness in his Roman home. Born in Milan on September 14, 1939, he was eighty-two years old. The dimensions of the rigid, flexible, and surprisingly necessary figure were actually improved in the 1970s, after baptism under the sign of Scorpio on the Taviani set. […]

Lombardy Court of Accounts

The professor in the “dual job” will have to pay 2.5 million

The Court of Auditors in Lombardy has ordered Roberto Ludovico Weinstein, a former professor of periodontology at the University of Milan’s Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, to pay the university more than $2.5 million. Weinstein carried out his professional activity “without requesting and/or obtaining permission from the administration to which he belongs.” In particular, he was a shareholder and director of a company […]

worth 10 million

Archeology, USA returns 201 valuable works to Italy

The United States has returned to Italy 201 valuable works dating between the 8th century BC and the 1st century AD worth about €10 million, which have ended up being sold abroad in recent decades by important museums, auction houses, galleries, and private collectors. The operation was presented by the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, and […]

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The life of Pupetta Maresca, the leader in the skirt who challenged Cutolo

The Kamura woman who died at the age of 85

Centro “Simon Wiesenthal”

Anti-Semitism, BBC among ‘Top 10’ for 2021

On the first two levels of the platform Iran and Hamas. Nothing new yet. But in third place in the “Top Ten Global Anti-Semitism” published by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles for the year 2021. In seventh place, then, Germany is guilty according to the Center for Non-Consent […]

the interview

Executioners ready for the CIA

Vincent Bivens – American Correspondent

United States of America

Maxwell is guilty: Now he can pour the beans

Sentences – From Accused to Accused: To commute sentence to 65 years in prison, Epstein’s lover risks getting into trouble from Bill Clinton to Prince Andrew


Bucharest Court v. European Union: ‘Our law comes first’

Banned Communists. Very close to Ceaucescu


The Kremlin adds Pussy Riot to the list of “foreign agents”

Nadezhda Tolkonikova and Veronika Nikolshina, advocates of the collective “Pussy Riot”, were included in the list of “foreign agents” of the Russian Ministry of Justice. Tolkonikova, 32, was convicted of participating in the anti-government exhibition at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2012. The list, which now includes more than 111 people and organizations, has also ended. […]

worthy according to riad

Luxury villas for the murderers of Khashoggi

Cells free.. Luxurious villas in Riyadh. At least three of the commandos who were convicted by Saudi Arabia for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi on October 2, 2018, will live here in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. This was revealed by the Guardian newspaper, which quoted a source linked to the leaders of Saudi intelligence, that the three live and work in the region […]

2021 characters – second half

From Parisian Nobel to Olympic gold medals: ‘It was the Hand of God’ in 2021

Parisi takes appropriate physicist for the Nobel Prize. Don’t ask him if God exists, it’s the stuff of film directors. Don’t even ask him about the relationship between the size of a sheet of paper and the radius of the ball of the same wrinkled paper: it’s an unresolved problem that bothers him very much. Giorgio Baresi is not like that […]


Literary horoscopes for 2022

New Year, written on the way. Our reading tips for the 12 signs

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