In the bones of men 04/21/2024 | Zero wave radio

In the bones of men 04/21/2024 |  Zero wave radio

The entire program is in good hands, with Carles Aguilar. Constipation is one of the most uncomfortable and fairly common diseases, but not only in itself but there are specialists who believe that this disease serves as a precursor to more serious problems. If we fight constipation it is very likely that at the same time we prevent hemorrhoids or other problems related to our digestion. The doctor explains it to us. Rafael Guaita, specialist in preventive medicine and public health.

With 7.5 million cases and a total of 1.3 million deaths worldwide, tuberculosis is one of the major diseases with the highest mortality rates globally. In Spain, more than 3,900 cases were reported in 2022, and the infection rate remains stable, with Ceuta, Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque Country being the regions reporting the most cases. Improving diagnosis in populations without resources, migrants or living in rural areas through rapid testing and with good contact study is a challenge in TB. It is a disease that still exists and is one of the leading causes of death in the world. TB challenges remain to improve diagnosis in under-resourced and migrant populations, through rapid testing and good contact study; Providing adequate care to these underserved populations or those living in rural areas; And the development of new anti-TB drugs, as well as the administration of new therapeutic combinations to combat multi-drug-resistant TB. Talk to Dr. Zoran Stojanovic, MD, pulmonologist at the Pulmonary Tuberculosis Unit at Hospital German Trias i Pujol (Can Roti), in Badalona (Barcelona), and researcher at the Barcelona Respiratory Network (BRN), a network dedicated to promoting collaborative research in the field of respiratory health.

How to improve muscle health starting at age 40. To ensure the good condition of your muscles, it is recommended to eat a varied diet, perform complete disciplines and prioritize technique to avoid injuries. Recovery through technical devices provides additional assistance because it improves blood circulation and activates our muscles. Maintaining our health can be very simple if we acquire good lifestyle habits: good nutrition, regular exercise and adequate rest. But as the years pass, it is necessary to adapt this healthy routine to each stage of life to provide the body with what it needs at every moment. Good health should be understood holistically, from mental health to physical health. Finally, muscle health is an essential piece of the puzzle. It is important to maintain good posture to prevent injuries and of course lower blood pressure, improve circulation and reduce the risk of heart disease. Sergio García Herrero, physiotherapist and director of Hyperice Training in Iberia and the TG Sport Clinic, explains to us.

Osteoarthritis, depending on the affected area, in more advanced degrees, becomes a disabling disease, preventing the patient from performing normal daily activities. The simple act of getting up from a chair and starting to walk can become very painful. Going down the stairs increases the intensity of the pain and after exercising. Moderate exercise or light walking leads to inflammation in osteoarthritis joints. One of the latest developments in the treatment of joint pain is regenerative medicine. The doctor explains it to us. Humberto Lucertales, Director of Medicentre.

Microbiota refers to the group of bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract, which has several functions, including the intestinal protective barrier against pathogens and an energy regulator. We know that the presence of microorganisms is beneficial to health as long as there is a balance in their composition. An imbalance in the intestinal microflora due to the loss of beneficial microorganisms is known as intestinal dysbiosis, and recent studies show that this imbalance can affect the onset of certain diseases (weight gain, obesity, infections, autoimmune diseases, malabsorption problems, among others). other things). Scientific studies have proven that obese people have a decrease in microbial diversity, with a greater number of bacteria that increase the genes responsible for carbohydrate metabolism, a decrease in Bifidobacterium bacteria responsible for the synthesis of vitamins and various cofactors for metabolism, and the presence of bacteria. Which interferes with the regulation of glucose and adipose tissue, and finally, an increase in various energy-saving metabolites. There are two main mechanisms by which the composition of the microbiota may be a causative factor in obesity: The first mechanism affects the predisposition of the host to utilize a greater amount of calories from food, and thus the development of obesity and weight gain. Obesity, the second which refers to a systemic insulin-resistant inflammatory process that causes obesity-related metabolic diseases. Carles Aguilar interviewed Elvira Garcia, nurse from the Association for Family and Community Nursing of Catalonia (AIFiCC).

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