Resident Evil 4, Leon’s jacket is already $1,495 –

Resident Evil 4, Leon’s jacket is already $1,495 –

Seemingly Jacket wear before Leon Kennedy In a new edition of Resident Evil 4 It’s already there, it’s manufactured by Schott NYC and you can buy it on their official website at ben 1495 USD.

Announced with a trailer and release date in the State of Play, Resident Evil 4 has announced a reinterpretation of the popular chapter of the saga. survival horrorwhich forever changed the approach to third-person action and revolutionized the typical mechanics of the Capcom series.

In the video In question Leon wears Schott NYC jacketa leather jacket with a warm fleece filling, typical of the model used by American pilots during World War II.

Resident Evil 4, Schott NYC Leon Kennedy Jacket

How do we know that the jacket is just that? Simple: Capcom has inserted itself in the trailer for Resident Evil 4 A disclaimer states that the in-game clothing will be reproduced using Permission from Schott NYC.

Oddly enough, however, there are (yet) no references on the US clothing manufacturer’s website to a remake of RE4 nor indications of any kind of collaboration with the Japanese house. Maybe it’s still too early?

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