In 2022 we will grow more than Germany, France and the USA. But clouds are looming –

In 2022 we will grow more than Germany, France and the USA.  But clouds are looming –

Record growth for Italy, which in 2022, according to the latest forecasts of the International Monetary Fund, will even exceed the growth of Germany, France, the average of the eurozone and the United States. This was confirmed by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, at a press conference at Chigi Palace. In 2021, the growth was 6.6 percent, now we accounted for 3.4 percent, while “over the past 20 years, Italy has never grown more than 2 percent.” But Draghi added that “there are clouds looming especially due to the energy crisis” and “a significant slowdown in the rest of the world”, so “the outlook is worrying for the future”.


The Prime Minister also noted the extraordinary measures to support businesses and families. The measures launched today in the Clean Development Mechanism “add to those of more than $35 billion approved (more than two percentage points of GDP) during the year to mitigate the effects of price hikes on citizens and businesses” and specify that “the total of the measures is 15 billion from the decree plus two additional measures. So 17 billion is added to 35.”
Supporting businesses and families “helps them in this phase of uncertainty, and protect this recovery in the face of a deteriorating international situation.”

international credibility

Italy is also gaining credibility abroad again, which is “important to explain why Italy is growing”. “When I started, I didn’t have a Draghi diary – he says – consisting of answers to problems and goals achieved. It is hard to say that there is an agenda: it is the ready-made solutions to the problems that arise. Quick response and credibility – he continues -: The government has domestic and international credibility, and having high international credit is very important ». While regarding the deadlines that must be respected for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Draghi would like “to succeed in giving the next government to achieve all the goals of this year” stressing that “whatever the next government will respect the goals” and highlighting how the NRRR is able to “ sustain growth.

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Additional earnings

As for the additional profits, the proceeds of the advances paid so far, according to the Prime Minister, “are less than they should have been. I intend that they pay everything: there are measures that significantly increase the fines for payment obligations. If there is no answer we are ready to take other measures What is unsustainable “is that in this situation where families are in difficulty and businesses also have a sector that is hard to provide for the government.”

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