Vox shows Reus the more aggressive side of the campaign

Vox shows Reus the more aggressive side of the campaign

Rios“Go to Spain”“” “Out of this chaos”” These shouts came from several Vox fighters at a rally in Reus while the leader of the far-right formation, Santiago Abascal, was forcefully confronting dozens of anti-fascist demonstrators who They were separated by a cordon of policemen. Abascal ignited the spark after a march that was monopolized by criticism against Islam and immigration, linking it to cases of rape and crime in general – despite the fact that it was false and no data was provided to support it.

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“Why do so many patrols come here for these people and do not devote themselves to monitoring the fields and combating thefts?” laments one farmer outside the event. The truth is that the Mossos were there to protect the far-right rally, but what endangered security was the temperament of Abascal, who was surrounded by a large private security team and escorts and faced protests to the contrary. The anti-fascist banner, in the same way as was done in Badalona last year by the Catalan candidate Ignacio Garriga. “Let the head of the Mossos unit fire this scum who has problems with soap,” he said, referring to the protesters who complained about their presence in Reus.

In any case, the escalation of tension occurred due to Abascal’s speech. “Ghettoes,” “Islamization,” “identity threat,” and “imported violence”: “They think women are inferior. […] What will they do to the women here walking in the street? Take them?” said the extremist leader. In his view, society is “threatened” by people who “come not to integrate, but to impose their laws.” It’s a message similar to a recent controversial poster published by Vox, written in Spanish and Arabic, to say, “Men and women in Spain have the same rights. If not, it’s a return ticket.”

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Vote on Fox

When far-right sympathizers are asked why they voted for Vox, they unanimously answer: “For immigration.” For the unity of Spain as well, but above all because they are Islamophobes. A woman from Girona says it – she says “Girona” – and she is “loved” and wants “order”. Eudald, from Riodomes, who came with his son, whose name is similar, expresses himself in a similar way, and is proud to have a photo “with Abascal, with Franco as a child and also with [Sílvia] Orioles [alcaldessa de Ripoll]“I’m too fat,” he admits. In fact, he expressed doubts about whether to vote for Vox or Aliança Catalana because he wants the far-right project to grow in Catalonia, but he seems to have chosen Ignacio Garriga.

“El Negro” is heard among many supporters pointing at the head of the Vox list, Ignacio Garriga, as he approaches them. Meanwhile, four Muslim girls, wearing hijab, wanted to stick their heads out from the crowd to see what was being said: “They are only speaking against us, it’s a shame,” one of them explains indignantly to the association. Seeing this, a woman from the Vox party defines her position on Islam, saying that they are not against the girl or her religion but against illegal immigration.

the program

Islamophobia, anti-immigration rhetoric, and cries for security – these are the concepts that underpinned the Fox campaign in this election, which has not stopped inciting hate speech. “Less lamb festivals, fewer mosques, more freedoms, more ancestral traditions, more sausages and more sardines,” Vox party leader Santiago Abascal said on Wednesday from Manresa.

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Attacks against Muslim Catalans are multiplying from within the ranks of the far-right party: from criticism of places of worship to “women and girls” PhiladesOr the direct relationship with the increase in sexual violence, although the data deny this relationship. In every intervention in the electoral debates, the extremist candidate Ignacio Garriga devoted himself to launching a message against religious Muslims and immigration in general. They even used the slogan “In the face of mass immigration, mass deportations.” “, complaining that just a few weeks ago, all parties in the House of Representatives, except Vox, agreed to regularize the status of half a million migrants in an irregular situation in Spain.

Many Vox supporters confront anti-fascist protesters after Santiago Abascal did this

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