Impulsive people struggle with dieting: Science says so

Impulsive people struggle with dieting: Science says so

The Follow a diet It has become a real need for many. It is also generally performed to look your best aesthetically by shedding excess weight that may accumulate over time. But getting fit is often essential as well, especially when you have certain diseases.

Obviously, in fact, excessive weight gain It is not good for our body So many follow a dietitian or join the gym to try to lose weight. However, a restrictive diet is not easy, and for it to be successful in the best way, it is important that there is also a great motivation behind it. Here’s what science has found out about it.

Impulsive people have a harder time dieting

Dieting is certainly a matter of motivation, as we have already defined. But not only this. In fact, some characteristics of our personality often influence our ability to achieve our goal in terms of nutrition.

Let’s take some for example Typical features of impulsive people. According to experts, it can be difficult for them to follow a proper diet. Impulsivity is a real enemy of diet, because it pushes the will to give up more.

We’re talking about highly impulsive people, who can’t control themselves in the rush to see what’s in the pantry to eat or to open the fridge when hunger pangs eat them.

Of course, impulsivity is a characteristic that can be very important in some cases. However, in terms of dieting, it doesn’t seem to be quite the same optimum feature.

If on many other occasions he is exuberant in life Could be an advantageWhen you need to follow a controlled diet, motivation can be crucial and you can take over.

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What to do for treatment

In short, it can shape our impulses and thoughts real obstacle Between us and our ability to lose extra pounds is because impulsive people tend to eat more instinctively than those with a more reflexive attitude.

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That is why experts advise impulsive people, if they want to go on a diet, to devote themselves above all to meditation, in order to better distinguish between stimuli and thoughts and be able to act more rationally, even when it comes to dieting.

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