“He left me…” Maurizio Costanzo with tears in his eyes for his son: What a thrill

“He left me…” Maurizio Costanzo with tears in his eyes for his son: What a thrill

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi love their son Gabriel very much, who was adopted when he was 12 years old. Recently, a statement from the host got everyone to move. This is what Maurizio Costanzo said about him.

Maurizio Costanzo in tears – Nanopress.it

between love Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi It’s been going on since the early ’90s: a very strong feeling binds them together and this has made them one of the longest-lived couples in the world of Italian television. Accomplices, interconnected but above all with mutual respect for each other, conductors are two examples of many pairs.

the two In 2004 they adopted Gabriel, With whom they have a wonderful relationship. But the statement Costanzo made in recent weeks made everyone cry, specifically in reference to the boy. Here is what the famous writer and journalist had to say.

Maurizio Costanzo makes everyone cry: “He left me…”

Maria de Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo do not like to put their private lives on the streets: After the gossip that was due years ago about the beginning of their relationship, the two were never the protagonists of domestic gossip.

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi together
Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi together – Nanopress.it

We know, however, that In 2004 the couple decided to adopt Gabrielle, At the time he was twelve years old, a boy who today feels, by all intents and purposes, his biological son with whom he has a wonderful relationship.

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The young man works with his mother, Maria de Filippi, as an author and assistant director on some of his programs such as “Men and Women”.

His presence in the Costanzo de Filippi family completely changed the balance, significantly improving the lives of parents. De Filippi doesn’t like to talk about her private life much, but sometimes On the other hand, Maurizio Costanzo opens and reveals something.

In fact, Maurizio celebrated his birthday on August 28 with the whole familyincluding Gabriel who, as he himself says, changed his way of being a man.

especially, Costanzo has been moved and is still movingrecalling that in 2004 shortly after the adoption, Gabriel first called him “Dad,” a moment the conductor of the orchestra will never be able to forget.

Costanzo already has other children, from his ex-wife, but Gabriel’s arrival made him rediscover a different paternity than the one he had in the past, a miracle that also strengthened his relationship with his wife, Maria.

Why did Maria de Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo not have normal children?

For Maria and Maurizio, Gabriel was a gift from heaven, A ray of sunshine that entered their lives and changed them forever.

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi
Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi – Nanopress.it

However, many have wondered in these long years Because, of course, the longest-lived couple in the show business didn’t have children.

The reason is not a mystery, so much so that in a previous interview it was De Filippi who revealed the background behind this choice.

Maria did not have problems conceiving naturally, but she said that when she visited the orphanage where Gabriel was, it was love at first sight.

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The presenter wanted to save the boy from a sad and lonely life, and thus give him a better future.

An act of love from Maria de Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, who today, thanks to Gabriel, have become a beautiful and stronger family every day.

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