Big Brother, nominees and eliminations on Thursday, October 12. Jane Alexander disappeared

Big Brother, nominees and eliminations on Thursday, October 12.  Jane Alexander disappeared

there The tenth episode of the Big Brother seriesone of Thursday 12 OctoberThere were some surprises in the elimination. It’s been exactly a month since the start of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini and the first interesting dynamics are finally beginning to emerge.

The hope of the Mediaset leaders, author and host team is that the program will take off Earn points As for Listening to TV. Otherwise, the situation might become very difficult for Big Brother.

Nominations on Monday 9 October put four tenants at risk of liquidation: Beatrice Luzzi, Arnold Cardaropoli, Heidi Baschi, and Valentina Modeni. Three regulars are in the nominations and only one new entry. In fact, it was Heidi’s first actual nomination since the reality show’s inception. The first to be saved was Valentina, then it was Beatrice’s turn. He is Eliminated is Arnold. Save Heidi.

Meanwhile, the question no one has the courage to ask is: What happened to Jane Alexander? In the episode of Monday, October 9, Alfonso Signorini offered her to become a contestant on the reality show after the heated clash with Beatrice Luzzi in the single fight “Elisa di Rivombrosa”. She started shaking almost as much as Julia Roberts when she got her Oscar for “Erin Brockovich” and then? Where did Jane Alexander go?

Since four men have been eliminated so far, only women are eligible to be nominated this evening.

My favorite at home is Anita Olivieri and Samira Lowe. Cesara Bonamisi’s favorite is Heidi kisses. The three are impervious. The three women, out of the remaining eight, who received the most votes on the council, go on to broadcast television.

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Tonight’s nominees are Beatrice Luzzi and Grecia Colmenares as usual and Rosie Chen.

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