“I’m devastated,” the life savers arrive in smoke

“I’m devastated,” the life savers arrive in smoke
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Is cryptocurrency a really safe investment? Find out what happened.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. a A cryptocurrency is nothing more than a unit of economic value that has no physical correspondentBut only remotely. For example, money is a currency, as its value can be tied to something physical.

So bitcoin is a file The type of payment system that was born in 2009 by unknown people Or, better, by someone who calls themselves Satoshi Nakamoto. Many believe that it is a real team, and not one person. But what everyone agrees on is that Bitcoin is a powerful economic tool, as its validity is international.

There are more: Bitcoin has a random value and is subject to change, since there is no physical central organizing system that manages its performance. In fact, Bitcoin’s value is derived from purely thin coins The balance between supply and demand for the user who invest in it. Currently, value One bitcoin corresponds to about 25,000 euros.

What many may not know is that it exists A complete cryptocurrency market which seems to be growing. Now, after some serious and poignant events, users They are calling for the introduction of a domestic regulatory mechanism. Many people complain about scams and bad investments. Find out what happened now.

Cryptocurrency disaster

The episode is about CelsiusOne An American online bank that deals in cryptocurrencies. Recently, the institution announces bankruptcy And with it, it also brings down all the users who have invested in it. More and more unpleasant situations that they see on the streets above all appear Naive, who believes that one or the other investment can be relied upon. The Celsius case is typical, as the bank has already been in the balance for quite some time, after The bankruptcy of its fellow counterpart TerraUSD.

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Concerned user loses everything because of one scam Consumer on social media: “I talked about investing all my savings and now I’m broke.”. Like him, many suffer the consequences of unsafe investments. In this regard, the need for a new one appears in Italy investigation

Celsius Network files for bankruptcy | Novanews.it

The investigation begins in Italy

It’s not just bitcoin that’s a cause for concern, but also NFTswho use a similar system, he says Alessandro Longo from espresso. “NFT” stands for “non-fungible tokens”that is, “non-copyable code”.

NFTs are kind of Certificates of ownership of the digital work. The problem is that according to several surveys already conducted by reputable newspapers and their weekly publication internationalNFTs, no matter how digital, need to be A large amount of energy resources to be created. Briefly, They pollute. How will it end? Let’s just hope that more controls are put in place to reduce online fraud Catastrophe containment for those who depend on bitcoin.

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