Covid, cases are increasing in Germany, UK and USA

Covid, cases are increasing in Germany, UK and USA

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While in Italy and neighboring countries there are declines or recessions, in the United Kingdom and the United States there is a phase of growth in cases Corona virus disease. This is indicated by an analysis by mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani, of the Institute for Computational Applications “M.Picone”, of the National Research Council (Cnr). A situation that requires not only capillary controls, but also wisdom has been emphasized, starting with sequencing activity.

Sebastiani’s remarks


Covid-19, what we know about the new Gryphon sub-variant

“Analysis of data on the incidence of positive tests for SARS-CoV-2 in European countries indicates that the UK and Germany have been in a growth phase in the past 4-5 weeks, while Italy, and neighboring countries such as Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, are in a decline phase. Or recession. And the incidence has been increasing for 9 weeks also in the United States, “said Sebastiani. Against this, the expert stresses, “the importance of carrying out capillary examinations, not of the optional type, perhaps on the basis of the sample, for people entering Italy from foreign countries, and not focusing only on those coming directly or indirectly from China. It is advisable to adopt a prudent strategy, and not to repeat the same mistake that was made in the first phase of the pandemic.” However, according to Sebastiani, the examinations must relate to massive sequencing and testing for positivity, in order to “discover the presence of new variants that can prove resistant to vaccines.” For this purpose, it should be noted that, unfortunately, the sequence in village It has so far been very little implemented compared to other European countries, such as the UK.”

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