Science says it, pasta makes us happy


there macaroni It makes us happy: And we already knew you’d tell us that, but now we have evidence because it confirms it Sciences. study Yulm field investigation memory out of our minds and prove it We are satisfied to taste a plate of pasta On an emotional level, it pleases us by giving us a “happiness” boost.

the research he did Behavior and Brain Lab Use sophisticated Neuroscientific techniques Based on Brain trackinga system very similar to a polygraph, authenticating the reactions of the subjects examined during the meal, comparing them to other enjoyable experiences such as a concert, our national soccer team’s goal at Euro 2020 or the winning shots of Federer and Nadal depending on the examiners’ preferences.

Pasta makes us happy

The IULM analyzed four criteria which, as Ansa writes, “also tell us that the emotional experience experienced while tasting a favorite noodle is equal to that resulting from remembering happy memories“. Mr Vincenzo Russoprofessor of consumer psychology and neuromarketing, explains that this reaction is due to the association between home-cooked food and memories related to family: “Noodles are placed In the service of feelingsIt creates and evokes happy memories.”


The subjects examined are 40, equally distributed between men and women, between the ages of 25 and 55 and who have no food allergy or intolerance. The study determines emotional reaction and the degree of participation Taste a plate of noodles compared to the above fun events. The study leaves no doubt: Eating pasta causes us to have an emotional state positive With results equal to, if not better than, listening to our favorite music or watching the sports we enjoy. The recorded parameters are exactly the same as what we have at that time Let’s remember happy memoriesEspecially the family. Research confirming what all pasta lovers already know, but an extra confirmation never hurts.

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