If you go hiking and hear a man whistling, pay attention: it could be an animal

If you go hiking and hear a man whistling, pay attention: it could be an animal

Taking a walk and realizing that something is moving in the woods can be exciting but in some areas of the world, depending on the sound you hear, watch out because you could make dangerous encounters.

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The animal world is full of creatures that have found their own ways To communicate. Communication between members of the same species and with other animals of other species. If you’ve been walking in the mountains, you might have heard some birds chirping, or if you’re lucky, you might have heard a cry my dear Or maybe a bear yawned.

Good judgment when you are in Go for a walk Who is this Lives Always the surrounding noise, trying to identify those that could be nearby and which could belong to dangerous animals. Among the strangest sounds that you have to learn to identify in some parts of the world are whistles from which this predator emits.

The dog floats, the cat meows and this animal whistles!

From an early age, humans learn to recognize and reproduce certain sounds produced in nature. There are games designed specifically for children who make this experience a center for themselves by playing with farm sounds. others the animals, Often the protagonists of documentaries and cartoons, they have verses that are equally recognizable and easy to reproduce.

What are the sounds of jungle animals
Mountain (Canva image) – ecoo.it

Try to imagine, for example, the sound a dog or cat makes. Sound you can reproduce, even with all the limitations of our audio devices. Try to reproduce now Lion Roar: The structure of this annual’s throat is different and for this reason it is difficult to produce a convincing growl. But there is another predator you can tradition Completely convincing performance. It is about the so-called mountain lion or puma.

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The verse you wouldn’t expect

What direction is Puma heading?
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Among the many animal verses some are truly unexpected. Among them is what the mountain lion samples emit in some situations. In particular, the whistle is the way female specimens emit to track puppies Which in turn responds with the same voice. Equally special is the sound Lynx When two eyes meet and find themselves at the center of a territorial dispute. These animals, which are very similar to pet cats, actually make a series of sounds that are very similar to them A human voice trying to get attention or, according to others, they resemble the sound of a door closing very slowly and with a creaking of hinges.

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