Has Windows 10 support been delayed? How things are

Has Windows 10 support been delayed?  How things are

Windows 10 technical support will soon be discontinued, but a petition against this action is underway: what’s happening in detail

Continuous updating of operating systems is an essential mechanism of technological progress: in addition to ensuring new functions and always improving system performance, they in fact allow Maintain a high level of security on systems Which is becoming increasingly more secure from the risk of hacking and tampering from outside.

Windows 10 will no longer have technical support from Microsoft -computer-idea.it

The problem is that OS updates are often very painful due to certain moments of its development The performance jump is so high that it requires a hardware change. In very simple words, some operating system updates do not work on old computers, which cannot guarantee the basic technical performance of their operation.

This means that In many cases, to download and run a new operating system, it is necessary to purchase another computer: It is an expensive expense that many people often cannot afford. The solution can be very simple: continue to use a less updated but still effective version of the operating system in question, especially if the new version has developed functions that we could gladly do without.

User protest and petition that could change everything

However, things are not that simple because big tech companies provide it Technical and security support only for their latest operating systems. It would not make sense, for example, to continue to provide technical support for Windows 95, since the machines running this operating system are outdated and very few users are still using it. Something similar happens with Windows 10: Microsoft has announced that it will soon stop supporting the old operating system.

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Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft – Source: Ansa – Computer-idea.it

Windows 11 was one of the operating systems that took a big leap forward compared to the performance of its predecessor. This, as we mentioned before, led to a big problem: Windows 11 does not work on many computers currently in use, In this case we are not talking about outdated computers, but about devices that were purchased a few years ago and are still used especially in hospitals and public administrations.

This means that in the USA there are many users and many companies (let’s not forget that hospitals in the USA are companies in every respect) Millions of computers will have to be replaced Which may not be recoverable in any way and will practically end up in a landfill. While the environmental impact of the operation is certainly significant, the economic and social impact of what is happening cannot be overlooked.

a lot Private sector users from the poorest groups will not be able to purchase suitable computers There can be many malfunctions in basic IT infrastructure such as hospitals. That’s why a petition was made to Microsoft’s CEO for Microsoft to continue Windows 10 support until after October 25, 2025, The exact date of the service outage, especially in light of this Windows 10 is still the most popular operating system in the world.

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