If the refund does not arrive, the heirs can recover it

If the refund does not arrive, the heirs can recover it

In the event of a sudden death, it may happen that the compensation due from the taxpayer’s Form 730 does not reach the family. But in this case, it is good to know that it is always possible to file with the Model 730 and thus request the amount owed from the INPS deceased person’s tax return. Here are the instructions to follow.

with the Pre-assembled Model 730 It often happens that taxpayers owe money credits. But just in case it was a person dead Was the amount owed lost? No, this amount belongs to family rights, Who can request it from the INPS with the deceased person’s tax return.

Fees can be found at One testimonialBut it is good to know that fees cannot be included in the fees submitted by them. If the person who owes the amounts dies after sending them Model 730 But she didn’t get credit from Dell‘INPSThe heirs must file the person’s tax return.

INPS acts as blocking agent For pensioners, they also handle adjustments. Credits due come from August. In the event of death after submission Pre-assembled Model 730 You must use the deceased person’s tax return.

It should also be noted that the heir cannot enter the payment amount Model 730 in his statement.

INPS Unapproved Reimbursement Form 730: Instructions for Heirs

Form 730: If a refund does not arrive, the heirs can recover it

Amounts owed to the deceased can be checked at One testimonial Released last March by‘INPS.

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The heir can also request A certificate unique to INPS, As written in Circular No. 29 dated March 15, which reads:

In the second case, where the application is submitted by the heirs of the service owner, said application must be accompanied by an alternative declaration of an affidavit, in accordance with Article 47 of Presidential Decree No. No. 445/2000, by which the applicant certifies his/her status as heir, together with a photocopy of his/her valid identification document.

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