If only everyone followed him!

If only everyone followed him!

Seven billion voice messages are sent through WhatsApp every day. However, not everyone follows the etiquette rules set by the app.

A real proof that WhatsApp has made available to users to send audio messages… convenient.


TheMessaging application Most used in Italy Each update gives new features. That’s why it became indispensable for daily communication. Only sending is not allowed messages, photos and videos but also to initiate gods Surveysto spy on a partner, write in colored letters or in an unknown language. Let’s not forget, then, video calls and listening to double-speed vocals and quick responses. In short, Variety of features – Some useful, others fun – which simplifies and They activate conversations.

Today we want to make a note with reference to express messages. You press the microphone icon and start speaking — often out of turn, sometimes in a slurred manner, sometimes with Long and boring digressions. As annoying or uncomfortable as it may seem if it lasts five minutes, it pays off Very useful if used consciously. WhatsApp has created a file Etiquette guide On the use of voice messages specifically for Eliminate any negative aspects from the job.

WhatsApp and the etiquette of voice messages

WhatsApp has decided to help users who get angry with voice messages by drafting a guide, A kind of etiquette rule (Created with the help of etiquette expert Joe Bryant) to follow to avoid upsetting the listener. We put ourselves on the side of the interlocutor, however ourselves first We should get used to following the Meta app directions.

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The first rule isDon’t record a podcastThe perfect length that a voice message should never exceed 1 minute / 2 minutes mostly. Therefore, before you start using the metronome, it is good to think about what you want to connect so that you can do it in the shortest possible time. And if you find yourself necessarily hearing a long vowel, it would be fine to use it Speed ​​1.5x or 2x To reduce listening time. It will be funny at first, but you will get used to it later.

Rules to note

The second rule is “break up”. If there are several issues that need to be reported, it is a good idea to divide them up in such a way that the listener can listen to them separately at different times. The third directive is “Respect others.” Keep in mind that those around you have no desire to hear what they are saying or feeling. Thus, the sound is low when talking and low volume (it is better to use headphones) when listening.

Let’s continue with the rule of etiquette Divide the questions. If you send a vowel with an improbable number of questions, the recipient will answer half of them and forget the rest. So, etiquette says to answer in the same way. The fifth rule is actually “Return the favor”. This way you will have the illusion of a real voice conversation.

We have come to the latest mention given by WhatsApp regarding voice messages. “Be in time“Good manners require not waiting for the interlocutor. If you are busy, answering with a vowel or dictating text will take a few seconds, and it will also be possible to communicate the answer at a later time.

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