Because war can change

Because war can change

The United States could send long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine for the first timeThis is a request that Kiev has been making for some time and seems destined to be met. This is what the American Broadcasting Corporation ABC wrote, citing sources in the US administration. The supplies will mark another turning point in the war that Ukraine has been waging for more than 18 months against Russia.

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“They are coming,” one source said, referring to the missiles, but cautioned that nothing had been announced yet. Another source said that the missiles are “on the table,” indicating that it is possible that Atakum missiles will be sent. As part of the next aid package even if a final decision has not yet been made.

ATACMS missiles, because they can change the picture

The Atakum missiles have a range of 300 kilometers, four times the missiles that the Americans have so far sent to Kiev as ammunition for multiple missile systems provided by Washington. The Ukrainian government has been requesting Atakum missiles for some time, but so far the Biden administration has rejected the request, fearing that targets on Russian territory would be attacked, which could cause escalation. Now the situation is developing with the progress of the Ukrainian counteroffensive on the southern front. Atakm systems would ensure greater coverage for Kiev forces, as Russian artillery would strike at distances that are unattainable today with available ballistic resources.

Washington has just launched a new military supply package. Kiev will receive depleted uranium ammunition, especially 120 mm projectiles that will be used by American Abrams tanks that will arrive in Ukraine in a few weeks.

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