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From Laura Jangarini

The injured include a police officer. Police are also working to alert the families of the victims. One suspect was arrested

From Two deaths e Four people were injured – Including a police officer – Someone’s budget Shooting In a shopping center Boise, in Idaho, In the northwestern United States. He was the one who allegedly fired the shots Acted alone, Status Arrested Every danger to the citizens was excluded. He said Ryan Lee, Boise, Capital and cHere’s Pi Grande Idaho State, during a press conference. According to Lee, The Police They were warned that they were there at 13:50 local time (19:50 in Italy) u
Tell yourself about the scenes A. in a shopping center Boise And that at least one person Attacked.

When police arrived at the scene there was a Fire fighting With a doubt, in any state Injury A Police Officer. In this we can not Investigation phase To assume that the suspect’s gesture had no purpose, he said Chief of Police, Estimates that doing so would actually be too early Assumptions. No details about were providedIdentification Regarding the health of the victims Four people were injured. The shootings that result in deaths and injuries remain the same Recurrent sore In the United States, in schools, supermarkets or especially in the workplace. not at all Sieges in Congress, Under the influence Armed lobby, No major thing is possible Carried out under the title, Despite the demands of politicians, including the president Joe Biden, To strengthen control over their movement.

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