Back to Vodafone Silver locked price for 24 months: 100 GB, unlimited minutes and SMS – | News | telephony

Back to Vodafone Silver locked price for 24 months: 100 GB, unlimited minutes and SMS – |  News |  telephony

in the past hours, Vodafone I started one New SMS campaign Winback which he proposes to himself Selected former clientsand the possibility of obtaining The monthly rate is blocked for 24 months If the offer is activated Vodafone Silver at 100GB for 9.99€ per month to choose Smart Payment as a payment method.

As already said in the preview by MondoMobileWebBegins From July 1, 2023 only in the operator’s stores until further notice, Vodafone guarantees the locked price for 24 months For everyone new mobile customerswith a new number and the possibility of transferring from another operator, which will be activated Offer with a cost from € 9.99 per month between those involvedbut only Choose to deduct the monthly cost through Smart Pay or your Vodafone landline bill in case of proximity.

Therefore, the promotional offer to get the closed price is Also valid on winback offers at a monthly cost of €9.99 Proposals in this period to former customers e Available in storesCompliance with the stipulated conditions.

As mentioned earlier, in the past few hours, Vodafone has sent some New text messages to some former customersin which It is advertised that you can get the locked rate for 24 months if you return to Vodafone By activating the offer proposed by the payment method Smart Payment.

Here it is Text message:

Back to Vodafone! You get 100GB at 9.99E/month and LOCKED PRICE for 24 months if you choose to be charged by card or bank account. Unlimited minutes and SMS. SIM cost 0E, activation 0.01E. To activate, get to our stores by 10/07

With this new recovery drive, The operator is addressing some of its former clients who have left commercial approvalby suggesting them Activate the offer in the store.

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In any case, the chosen former customer who agrees to return to Vodafone must pay respect The designated deadline indicated in the SMSwhich appears in the above message dated July 10, 2023.

What Vodafone Silver has to offer and the 24-month locked price promotion with Smart Pay

In this case, SMS messages allow the respective previous customers to activate the offer Vodafone SilverWhich includes Unlimited minutes To all national fixed and mobile numbers, Unlimited text messages For all national numbers e 100 GB For monthly data traffic in 2G and 4G, all in 9.99 euros per month.

As indicated in the letter, the price of the new chip is free. While for the cost of activation it is expected to pay 1 euro cent. Add the cost of the first month up front, paid in total 10 eurosbut it is not excluded that different prices may be offered to other customers.

All Vodafone Silver editions also include a bundle of international callsdivided by countries.

They are especially expected 300 international minutes To mobile and landline numbers in Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, countries Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA and landline numbers from Australia, Brazil, Israel and Morocco.

In addition, each month is also included Unlimited minutes For Vodafone Romania mobile network numbers, 1000 minutes To Vodafone Albania e 100 minutes To mobile and landline numbers in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Turkey and Venezuela, as well as landline numbers in Brazil.

As mentioned, Promotion with locked price for 24 months is automatically activated only if, at the time of activation in the store, the previous customer chose Smart Pay as a payment method (automatic debit on credit card or checking account), or if activated in Convergence with the calculation of the monthly cost of the mobile phone line in the Vodafone landline bill.

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the customer You can still choose to activate Vodafone Silver’s Winback version at €9.99 per month with charges on your remaining balancebut in this case You will not be able to block the monthly rate for 24 months.

To verify the actual existence of the 24-month blocked price, it is recommended to ask, as always Contract summary of the show you want to activate, as required by the latest regulations.

As the promotion is linked to activation with a fee on the Smart Pay auto payment method or on your land line bill, The 24-month blocked rate will expire if you change your payment method switching to debiting the remaining credit.

It was noted that In Vodafone Silver stores, € 9.99 per month (even with a 24-month locked price) also available in operator attack version For those who need Mobility From the number (MNP) of some operators, with Giga different package. In this case, if you come From Iliad, Fastweb, and some virtual operatorswill be the show 200 GB (smart payment) or 150 GB (remaining balance) of data traffic.

More details about the offer

In general, with Vodafone offers, Unlimited minutes and SMS included in the package are valid under the principles of good faith and fairness.

As far as data traffic is concerned, if the customer consumes all the gigabytes during the month, Internet connection is automatically blocked.

As required by law, the giga included in the method may also be used points of attraction Without additional costs, while those not used at the end of the month cannot be combined with those paid at the next renewal.

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in Roaming within the European Union (and at the moment also in the UK) It is possible to use minutes and SMS under the same national conditions, while for surfing the Internet there is a maximum monthly giga, calculated using the applicable formula.

With Vodafone Silver, they are Included for free Also some additional services, such as Listening to the answering machine, service on demand Call me and summonService continuity, SMS return receipt service and credit checkall to allow the customer not to pay any additional costs.

In the new Vodafone SIM cards, the basic tariff plan is always pre-activated Vodafone 25 newwhich also includes the service Smart Passport + In roaming countries outside the EU only if used.

with Smart Passport +at the expense of 3 euros per day You can get 60 minutes (30 minutes and 30 minutes) and 500MB of data traffic per day in Switzerland, Turkey, Albania, Monaco, San Marino and the USA. For other countries, different packages are available that cost €6.

Finally, we must remember that in physical stores new customers can also activate optional services Vodafone Club for €3.99 per month (in some cases €0.99 for the first month) and/or Rete Sicura 2.0 for € 1.99 per month.

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