IB3 News | The Javaloyas fill Belver Castle in honor of Seraph Nebot

IB3 News |  The Javaloyas fill Belver Castle in honor of Seraph Nebot

This Saturday marked a year since the band’s singer passed away.

IB3 News |  The Javaloyas fill Belver Castle in honor of Seraph Nebot

The people of Jabalia filled Belfer Castle yesterday for a concert where they collaborated for the first time with Simfovents. A sincere tribute from the members of this group to their singer Serafy Nebot who left us only one year ago, which meant the fulfillment of one of his dreams.

“A tear is falling” The party will begin Tribute to Seraphi Nebot This Saturday we celebrated when the Javaluyas singer left us exactly one year ago. Twenty Of his songs played with Simfovents Making one of Seraph’s latest projects a reality. For the first time The results were modified to make a two-hour concert where the band played with the orchestra. Giving a symphonic style to his classics. The illusion that he could not see in his life but yesterday became reality. A project rooted in the fact that Seravi has been a musician at heart throughout his life and has been part of many famous orchestras as well as being a singer for the band Gavaloyas.

Seravi’s family and friends were well-attended at the tribute. They played songs that evoked nostalgia for the 400 people who filled Bellver Castle. Javaluyas Founded in 1952 He is currently The most active Spanish pop group.

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