If you have a Peugeot, this is the most common fault according to 17,000 mechanics in Spain.

If you have a Peugeot, this is the most common fault according to 17,000 mechanics in Spain.

Over 26,000 registrations so far this year Peugeot They can boast of being no less than the fourth best-selling brand on Spanish roads, a position that has clearly placed the French manufacturer as one of the benchmark brands.

In this sense, while it is true that the French are ahead with up to three brands, being the fourth best-selling in Spain does nothing but testament to the excellent work they have done in recent years with some of their best models.

However, it is also no secret that the overall French brand, as has happened to other manufacturers in the Stellantis group, has recently had some serious problems regarding its reliability due to problems with some petrol engines as well as some diesel engines and the Blue Ad.

Peugeot is one of the brands with the highest number of engine faults in Spain.

A series of problems that are clearly reflected in one of the most interesting studies carried out in Spain in recent times. In this case, it is a study in which the company Recomotor, through data collected in more than 17,000 workshops in Spain, has measured the reliability of the vast majority of brands present in our country and, above all, the most frequent faults and the brands that suffer the most from this type of fault.

In the case of engine-related malfunctions, they are not the most common, but they represent 15% of the total malfunctions reported in this study. In this case, these malfunctions are related to the propulsion system of the vehicle in question, whether it is gasoline, diesel, or any of the hybrid engines.

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As this study reflects, the brand with the highest number of problems within this category is Peugeotthe manufacturer who more or less equals the numbers in this regard. CitroenWhich makes sense considering that they are part of the same European auto giant and that they share a large portion of their mechanical ranges.

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