Avatar 2: It Takes a Box Office Miracle to Not Bankrupt Disney. For James Cameron it will be the third

Avatar 2: It Takes a Box Office Miracle to Not Bankrupt Disney.  For James Cameron it will be the third

There’s only one movie worth talking about this Christmas, and it is Avatar 2: Water Trail. And above all for reasons outside the cinema. Director, James Cameronand the production company Disneyat the end of a ten-year journey and an apparently suicidal plan: A.J sequel Which comes 13 years too late, without the granny that turned the first movie into The largest box office in the history of cinema (The Three-dimensional, that future that was going to invade cinemas and living rooms) and hardly anyone remembers the exact characters or the plot of this blockbuster, which takes place in the fictional world of Pandora. All this at an estimated cost of more than 350 million euros. and the The most expensive movie in history and any Collection Lower to me 2 billion euros A. will be considered shame. Appreciation did the same Cameron Which, as A.S GQ A few months ago, he told Disney about it gods 2 an actress “The worst business model in the history of cinema.”

That is, she must compete with each of her company register Stream (Gods Still top of the league Just the last movie The Avengers I managed to get close2.922 billion dollars approximately 2 billion euros: 2.8 billion euros at current exchange rates) as well as with its previous record, Titanic ($2.187 billion, roughly 2.1 billion euros, currently third in the all-time ranking), and the latter just to “cover expenses.” The plan is even crazier: while the sequel is being released, Cameron will finish filming Avatars 4 (3 is already in post-production), and will be preparing to shoot the fifth act. The plan provides for an exit Coming consequences In 2024, 2026, and 2028. Now it’s too late to back off.

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The return of a universe more central to its characters, Pandora, with a metaphor plays to its advantage 3500 visual effects, A certainty that no one has ever understood before Three-dimensional and the Computer graphics Just like Cameron (it’s easy to prove: just check out almost all of his movies from the ’90s onwards, from separator 2, whose special effects have advanced quite a bit). He has styled himself “King of the World” since the night he invaded Oscars with Titanic Today he is 68 years old and there is no doubt that he is capable of performing a new miracle.

will be the third: Titanic It could mean the end of Cameron’s career. a disaster filmwhich was dispensed with $200 million (something never seen in 1997), everyone knew its end: the sinking ship. But the romance between them jack (Leonardo DiCaprioThe only one who didn’t celebrate the Oscar because he wasn’t even nominated (and Rose)Kate Winsletsoaked in mass production and by Pneumonia which I took on the set) broke a ceiling that seems normal today when it comes to blockbusters: billion at the box office. Nobody has done it before.

Titanic Then it went on for a long time. Foolishly, Fox executives handled some cuts to get a movie more commercial: Three and a quarter hours. It is a detail worth remembering today that everyone thinks so gods 2The same length is too long. Gods lasted approx Two and a quarter hours. else suicide. A movie made to be shown in Three-dimensional saltnot yet available, with a New franchise And the Blue alien characters. The first film to cross – and break – a threshold 2 billion. And this figure Titanic He then re-released it in 2012, three years after the release Gods. And no bittersweet return star Wars He managed to get over it: alone Force Awakening And the last two films from The Avengers I reached such heights.

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gods 2 She also has another advantage: she’ll get out China, something that was unknown until almost the last minute and that has drawn in a large portion of the current blockbusters: none of the last seven Marvel films have managed to land a slot in a country increasingly at odds with Western cinema, with far too many limited releases, which are not Disney has a special appeal in it. China brought in more than 250 million euros in revenue for the previous film, a figure that could easily double after thirteen years.

The highlight of this sequel also has to do with previous successes. Shortly after filming TitanicAnd the Kate Winslet She told the press that she would never work with James Cameron again, unless she was paid big. Twenty-five years later TitanicAnd the It is estimated that he received at least six million euros for his role in gods 2which will take a portion of the proceeds. a lot of money. At its core, it is the timeless story of James Cameron, a genius behind the camera who understands how the film industry works. A talent he showed in Hollywood the day he presented himself to Fox executives for sale Aliens: As he said, it was his idea to add an ‘s’ to the original title, Aliens, in order to make it clear to the audience that there is now more than one alien creature. “But in the end it all boils down to this,” he added, adding a vertical bar to the “s”: a symbol dollar.

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