Simona Branchti returns to talk about Alberto Matano: Peace was made?

Simona Branchti returns to talk about Alberto Matano: Peace was made?

Simona Branchetti and Alberto Matano, after their correspondent clashed live to meet a guest during the call, want to lay a stone on him. To the journalist Silvia Tovanen interviewed on “Verissimo”: “Peace is made.”

make peace between Simona Branchte and Alberto Matano? For the first time, yes for sure, since she was interviewed yesterday before Silvia Tovanen in “Verissimo” She revealed that for her “making peace” with the conductor of the orchestra de “live the life”:

Alberto called me on Befana morning and said: “I respect you very much, We know each other, we have an identical career path, I’m not mad at you, but our reporters have put themselves in a situation where they can’t do well.” I replied that an accident and peace had occurred. But the terrible thing is what happened next, when he said “no clarification”, and then I thought “but then who called me?”. However, I renew my appreciation to Alberto Matano. Make me peace.

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The two were protagonists in the controversy due to the fact that their reporters clashed to meet the same guest. Matano frankly accused “Afternoon 5 news From “Guest Robbery”. Simona Branchtei He then reciprocated on Instagram and then backtracked after saying he received a phone call to clarify from Alberto Matano.

But the last “TvTalk He denied the call and also denied the explanations.

Alberto Matano’s answer

20.30 & # 8211;  Simona Branchte and Alberto Matano: Did he make peace?

Matano During the interview with “TV Talk” he said:

I already said what I had to say, I have nothing to explain, I’m telling the truth and I wanted to say it live. Indeed, I want to emphasize that there is no background and no clarifications. The point is, the rival network’s broadcast just went into my livestream and I had to tell my viewers.

Because it was enough for me to wait until I finished my call and then interview the man in turn. Or at least that’s what we would have done at La Vita In Diretta. So far, there has always been a healthy relationship of respect and competition with competitors. So I’m sorry for what happenedAnd Because everything can be handled differently.

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Who knows how Matano conveyed Simona Branchti’s comments to Verissimo?

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