I was lucky

I was lucky

I had dinner with a friend on Thursday. In fact, with a good friend. Ready to share a moment of life and stories, we fixed the world in Frankfurt, full of alien conversations, mayonnaise and the smell of frying. We put everything in its place, in one of those places where you can bump the back of your head with the people at the back table and have your voice hidden among a lot of beer-enhanced chatter. There was nothing more important than my sandwich Lighthouse And my friend until one of my legs started dancing on the crossbar of the chair in Sign of Nervousness: The New Album of Fat geese.

Fat geese

When we actually said our goodbyes and headed home, I met my roommates on the stairs. Then I did something I never do: I said no, I'm not going out dancing with them. To fixed gear, I just wanted to put He plays In “Fruit of Delirium.” Then “a new day on the rooftops” began. I heard the record on one tour. An album of twelve songs and thirty-one minutes of complete essence com. ocagrassista. She smiled, swayed, and was moved. And let's not leave it to the confession: a fan of fat geese, who lives on delusion, is about to write an article that is shamelessly subjective. Whoever is alerted is alert.

“The heat comes back when we're cold enough” is one of the phrases on the album that describes well how we missed it. – We will be back in 2024 – we promised this a little over a year ago. They did so at a concert at the end of the tour in Palau Sant JordiWhere we sang and danced in the crowd for fear of being the last. It's been a long wait for those we love, but it seems like it was worth it.

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The group of good vibes has developed again, leaving that spirit farther and farther away Hippie Who threw “stones at planes”, showing us that they always know how to make a place for themselves in the Catalan music market. Although the horns were left behind, to make room for new styles – such as electronic – they maintained their natural… Cold By Good Roll, a house brand for several years.

“The light in your eyes remains when you leave” are words that may only come out of your mouth Joseph MonteroA singer with a victorious feeling that carries within him joy and sadness. It seems that the boy who suffered for love more than anyone else, who learned to love again, who turned the page; Going to the psychiatrist gave us the cure with his words. A man who is honest with himself and who spreads emotions and supports them to the four winds. An example of uncomplicated emotional internalism, admirable for its sincerity. Someone leaves behind poison and shouts “catxundena” from time to time. A person whose voice broke, and whose heart beat, but he continued to struggle, declaring that there was nothing free“But we are here.”

An album for those of us who live with life's contradictions, for whom we sometimes feel like an angel and a devil talking to each other Wireless communication device. For those of us who lost our heart in the dining room and don't know where to find it or enjoy the honey, the days and the kisses. Because sometimes when we dream big.

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From “Com está el pati” to “Toca,” the geese had time for many things: assigning themes to childhood, love, longing or new days. All together, accompanied by the organ that becomes present at the end of the disc, when our hearts are cloudy. This sound is heard in “Ping Pong”, a song dedicated entirely to the “roll of love”, a song that breaks us with its unattractive realism, dedicated to someone who no longer exists. And then, just as a friend pats you on the back to keep you going after a blow to the soul, comes “Up,” cheering us up a little into existence after the storm of truths sung by Josep Montero. The story culminates in “Sort de tu,” a fun song in which each verse is better than the one before it.

I have already warned that it cannot be objective. You made us touch the sun, you made us believe in everything. We're lucky, you.


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