Until January 12, accompanying conferences at the exhibition “Seeing the Unseen. From Infinite Size to Infinitely Large “

Until January 12, accompanying conferences at the exhibition “Seeing the Unseen. From Infinite Size to Infinitely Large “

Parma, November 14, 2022 – keep going Until January 12 2023 Exhibition side events “See the invisible. From the infinitely small to the infinitely large”, Organized by the University Museums System of the University of Parma H Open at the APE Parma Museum until January 15, 2023.

This is a broad series of conferences, workshops and conferences designed as a series of exhibition space events, dedicated to focusing on and deepening the topic of the invisible in various aspects of science, medicine, art and literature.

The initiative started on November 9 with the World of Knowledge Conference Federico Laodicethe first episode of the course devoted to the topic “Science and Literature”, edited by him Carlo Farrotti And the Isotta PiazzaAnd the that will continue November 23 with conference Massimiliano Tortura with three dates30, 10 November January and January 12) where the relationship between literature and science will be analyzed and represented through the works of important authors of the twentieth century: Primo Levi, Italo Calvino and Daniel del Giudice. The latter includes an introductory lesson and, to continue, an educational workshop aimed more specifically at updating secondary school teachers.

Tuesday November 15th from 3pmInstead, we will travel in the galaxy, between stars and planets, with Christian Carly And the Roberto OrossiAnd the Who will explore the subject dedicated to the invisible coming from afar or insensitive to the eyes. Christian Carly, Researcher at INAF-IAPS (National Institute for Astrophysics – Institute of Astrophysics and Planetary Astrophysics in Rome), at its congress We travel around the sun and explore the surfaces of the planets He will also talk about BepiColombo, the European Space Agency’s mission, and the Mercury exploration program on which it is based. Roberto Orossiresearcher at INAF-IRA (National Institute for Astrophysics – Institute of Radio Astronomy in Bologna), will dedicate his talk to the red planet: Understanding the Past and Present of Mars: The Search for Water. On Mars, a lake of liquid brackish water was detected under the Antarctic stratified glacial deposits, which means periods with favorable climatic conditions for the presence of liquid water on the surface, and therefore able to retain traces of any form. from life.

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Tuesday 22nd November Tulio GuyMaurizio Sole Seraphina PeroniPatricia Bertolini and Marina Buzzi They will discuss cord blood donation at the conference Mother as a friend Cord blood donation and its uses“, organization in In cooperation with NightclubCord Blood Donation Society.

Radioactive drugs will be the heroes of the conference organized by him Livia Rovinj Radiopharmaceuticals and Industry: Opportunities and Strategies in the Global Market »And the scheduled for Thursday 24 November.

In the infinite ranges of small and large, the meeting point between technique and portrait art cannot be missing: in the afternoon Thursday December 1 A series of meetings focusing on the infinitely small and infinitely large in photography and painting, edited by Silvio Wolf Christina CasseroAnd the Giorgio Milanese And the Gianluca Boldi.

The exhibition is not only for adults and older children. Even the smallest is involved in many aspects of infinity small and large. Friday December 2 Ada Segala And the Claudia Lichen They will explain how a science lab can also be suitable for nursery schools and kindergartens. On the same topic of science for children also meet Tuesday 6 December with Maja AnthonyAnd the Paula CorsanoAnd the Elena Luciano.

Tuesday January 10 conspiracy Erin Benigni And the Wolfgang Andreas Hoymer Imagine the impossibleAnd the Wednesday January 11 Material / immaterial: light in the art of the second half of the twentieth century with Christina Cassero And the Alessandra Accella.

All events take place in a banquet hall Monkey Museum ParmaAnd the Strada Farini 32 / A, Parma.

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Free entry subject to availability.

Information about the exhibition: https://vederelinvisibile.com/

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