Has science become a religion? debate among scholars

Has science become a religion?  debate among scholars

It is impossible not to note the specific approach of science, which has recently become increasingly visible in the so-called public opinion and is increasingly evident in questionnaire surveys. It turns out that the approach of people who are not engaged in scientific research clearly begins to resemble a religious one, characterized by such characteristics as: the presence of an “esoteric” language for most people (mathematics), a sense of “mystery”, an attitude towards authorities, hope associated with influencing reality Through specific actions, etc.

We are accustomed to associating science with the so-called pure reason of the kind of enlightenment. However, hasn’t science recently revealed similarities to magic that many people have repeated and in different ways? How much is the legacy of the Enlightenment in our contemporary approach to science, and how much magic is an archetype of man?

These and other issues will be discussed at the upcoming “Pro tempore – Science Dialogue” series guest meeting: A. Dottor Hub. Jacek Wojciak, Head of the Department of Epistemology at the Catholic University of Lublin and Dr. Peter Lipsky – Logic and Method and Philosopher of Science. The meeting will be chaired by Father Dr. J. c. Beda OP.

The discussion will take place – in online format – on March 9, 2022 at 19.00.

Send link: https://youtu.be/zkDYxOLfio8

More information and a recording of the previous meeting can be found at: protempore.mkw.pl

temporary. The Dialogue of Science” – is a series of scholarly debates held at the meeting point of theological, rigor, and humanistic sciences. The organizers of the meetings are the Catholic Academy in Warsaw and the Theological Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The first meeting was held on January 22, 2021 and dealt with the topic of freedom and responsibility in the age of anthropological nature.

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