The election of the President of Lega Serie A, the news is available!

Today, February 15, the Lega Assembly and in particular met in Milan All Serie A clubs were present. The topics covered were many but among them The matter regarding the election of a new president is emerging.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the university issued a press release explaining the topics covered:

Luigi Di Cervo (Photo by Valerio Benicino/Getty Images for Liga Serie A)

The last press release

“The 20 companies unanimously confirmed that they share the contents of the letter sent on February 11 by Vice President Luca Percasi to FA President Gabriel Gravina, which – in terms of cooperation and the spirit of the order with FIFA – was a request that had been issued in order to postpone the deadline for adapting the system. The base of the university with the principles of federal information to the end of March.

In this regard, during the meeting Clubs set a unanimous line on all issues under considerationAnd Except for the sole administration of collective rights other than audiovisualfor which additional comparisons between associates are necessary. The postponement was also requested in light of the pending contextual procedures for the election of the university president which today celebrated the convening of the second electoral assembly, will be re-proposed by the end of February with a quorum reduced to a simple majority.”

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