Sister Natalie Wood sues, and Kirk Douglas abused her – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 4 – Kirk Douglas sexually assaulted Natalie Wood in a Hollywood hotel in 1955, when the actress was just 16 years old. This was mentioned by Lana Wood, Natalie’s sister in her book “Little Sister”, according to what was reported by the American media.

Lana was in the car with her mother when Natalie walked into the Chateau Marmont to meet Douglas. “It seems like something bad has happened to my sister, but since I was very young they haven’t talked to me about it,” wrote Lana, who was eight. “She was very upset and my mother started whispering things. I couldn’t hear her,” she adds, explaining that only later, when I was an adult, did her sister tell her what had happened. In the book, Lana claims that she holds Robert Wagner, Natalie’s husband, responsible for her sister’s death.

Natalie Wood passed away in 1981, and her death was initially classified as an accident. However, the investigation has reopened in recent years, and in 2018, the Los Angeles County Sheriff described Wagner as a “person of interest.” (Dealing).

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