“I have an old man’s pancreas”

“I have an old man’s pancreas”

Belen Rodriguez’s ex-partner talks about his difficult moment and the love he feels for his daughter Luna Maru

. was interviewed Italian storiesThe 27-year-old said: “Thanks to the doctors I was able to find a healthy life, which I already had, but I have improved.

Elderly person’s pancreas

. At first I couldn’t hire anything. I was fasting, and fed by drip, so as not to tire the pancreas. Then, slowly, I incorporated other foods, such as carbohydrates. Now I have been able to reach a state where I live normally.”

He found the strength not to collapse at such a difficult moment

Luna Maro

, the young girl who was born from a short affair with Rodriguez. “I still breathe thanks to my daughter – he said -. I really feel myself so many times in a movie. It is the best thing I have ever done and I have to say thank you to her every day because she teaches me so much. I love myself thanks to her, I am really very happy. She made me understand that everything Another superficial.

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