Rome, closes the Revenue Agency bar that did not provide receipts

Rome, closes the Revenue Agency bar that did not provide receipts

Already finished in the crosshairs strip news in 2018, Bar of Revenue Agency Roma Euro recently returned to the headlines with a new take on the satirical news show. During an episode this past March, reporter Jimmy Geun was attacked along with a crew member.

Now a new chapter has been added to the story, and this time it really looks like the end credits have hit. It was the Revenue Agency tape that didn’t actually issue receipts closed.

Here comes the final closure

Exactly is strip news To notify the end of the fiscal year. Stop activity that has been going on for years in the agency’s offices in Eur Torrino, a suburban neighborhood Rome.

The rest of the tape will be shown tonight during the satirical news episode. It will show lights, empty fridges, bins, and employees busy clearing everything out. The same personnel of the commercial exercise confirmed the closure. Several testimonies collected by the reporter stripseven that of one security guard. “All the staff went there … With them I deal the most: here, from the simple guide to the manager, they are all tax policecommented the interviewed guard. Now, in short, there is nothing left of the tape.

Attack on Ghione

Last March, bearing in mind the numerous reports, Jimmy Guion presented himself at the Revenue Agency Bar, decrying this irony. There, in fact, it is not implemented tax bills. It is a behavior that has been going on since 2018, when a Striscia reporter actually paid a visit.

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During the March episode, it was Ghione and the cameraman Assault yourself and the threat by the owner who attacked them. “I’ll take a knife and kill him,” The man shouted, the other attendees barely stopping him. “You broke my f**k, do you understand?”.

More details emerged later. follow up investigation, strip news issued a press release stating “no balance Provided by the parent companySince 2016.


It ended up in the dust, and the bar seems to have recovered in order. On the other hand, something didn’t go in the right direction because after the satirical news report, the ending final activity.

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