I finish her injury and what happened

I finish her injury and what happened

high voltage in The seventh episode of the evening of Amichi 22. that lasts Saturday 29th April It is a very delicate episode, given that at this point there is only one episode between the contestants of Maria De Felipe’s talent show and the final on Sunday 14 May. after Exceptions Megan, Ndg, Gianmarco, Piccolo G, Samu, Alessio, and Federica e RamonAnd Seven competitors remain in the race. Here are the previews for the episode of Amici 22 that aired Saturday, April 29 in prime time on Canale 5.

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the difference

Only the team of Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo still have three competitors, and the other two teams can enter two. Therefore, inevitably, each of them will face many offers. So it will be interesting to try to understand how much this is “super job” It can affect children’s physical and nervous strength.

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Samu is eliminated at a friends evening, where we have already seen the dancer

Samu is eliminated at a friends evening, where we have already seen the dancer

Rudy Zerbe – Alessandra Celentano: singer Aaron and dancer Isobel

Lorella Cucarini Emmanuelle Lu: singers Angelina and Krika and dancer Maddalena

Arisa Raymondo Todaro: singer Wax and dancer Mattia

the last

Sunday 14 May The Ameche 22 finale will be broadcast in prime time on Canale 5. It is a finale that promises a tight fight even if the favorites are Angelina on the vocals and Isobel on the dance floor.

the host

The guest of the seventh episode of Amici 22 is whatever.

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the wound

During one of the performances, the dancer Isobel froze Her arm hurt He was forced to give up the race to seek the care of a physiotherapist.


Also for the Saturday, April 29th episode, there will be only one elimination. Three instead of, as usual, the game matches in which the three teams compete. I’m on the ballot Madalena, Kreika and Haroun. The ballerina is the first to be rescued. As usual, the name of the elimination – one of the singers Cricca and Aaron – will be announced by Maria De Felipe at home at the end of the evening episode of Amici 22 on Saturday 29 April.

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