Rainbow fish, a new species in the Maldives: science confirms

Rainbow fish, a new species in the Maldives: science confirms

Rainbow fish, a new brand discovered straight from the waters of the Maldives: Scientists have identified a species never seen before.

rainbow – source: pinterest

beautiful is not it? we present to you Fairy veiled in rosesAnd the Which can be translated in Italian as: “fairy lips veiled in pink”. Although for many it has become just a “pink rose”. . press release Maldives marine research Leave everyone speechless.

The name It is a tribute to the International Flower of the Maldives, the flower. I was Followed by a local scientist for the first time On the coast of the Maldives.

The times of understanding and confirming that it was a new species were very long, in fact, At first he was wrong about Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis, Also known as Velvet fairy lipstick.

Rainbow fish, science discovers a new species: the pink rose

In fact, the similarity with the latter is undeniable as well as impressive… If you don’t believe it See with your own eyes.

Cirrhilabrus Rubrisquamis
Cirrhilabrus Rubrisquamis – Source: Pinterest

What did I tell you? Therefore, the studies conducted to verify that we were in front of a sample that had never been seen before (which is understandable I will add) continued for a long time.

His debut dates back to the 90’sHowever, no one noticed its existence all these years and the reason is only one: They were all convinced that it was an advanced fish of some ancient speciesThey thought it was already known for some time.

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We still have to Keep in mind that wrinkles change color over timeTherefore, in short, the larger it is, the more likely it is to change its color.

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So it is quite natural that many marine biologists have underestimated the situation… When did they begin to realize that they are in front of the pink rose?

pink rose
Pink Rose – Source: Pinterest

answer Louise RochaScientist California Academy of Sciences On top of this study:

“A few months ago, Yi-Kai tea (our first author) received footage from Chagos showing adults, who were very different from Maldivian adults, at that time we determined that the Maldivian species was new and different from C. rubrisquamis.”

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The great news is that the discovery of the pink rose also brought with it the discovery of 8 new fish that could all be new species. There is not much to do, nature will never stop leaving us all speechless…

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