“I am not afraid of going to prison” and “No to impeaching Biden.”

“I am not afraid of going to prison” and “No to impeaching Biden.”

For better or worse, there are no other words to define Donald Trump.

for him The race to 2024for him A rematch against Biden And against himself, it started over a while ago. And explain it completely in one An extensive interview conducted with NBC NewsIn the famous press conference program “Meet the Press”.

“I’m not afraid of going to prison”, first appeared in one of the main segments. He promised a real one Revolt over many fundamental issues, such as the war in Ukraine, abortion, and inflation.

Absolute Trump whoIn his defense against accusations that would see him nailed to the cross of various indictments, He did not hesitate to question the state of health and, more generally, the structure of American democracy. With a special, serious tone pinned precisely to a subject justiceAccording to him exploited To serve political interests.

While waiting for the declared victory on the Republican front, and waiting to understand whether his opponent on the Democratic front will actually be Joe Biden or not, these are the five highlights of the shocking interview.

1) “I am not afraid of going to prison.”

He seemed objectively calm, and repeated confidently: “I’m really not thinking about it.” And again: “I sleep soundly for a very simple reason. Because I’m sure we will win.”

2) “I appreciate Putin’s recent statements. I will end the war in Ukraine within days.”

Comments of appreciation, those of the “Tsar”, specifically to the businessman. With a different logic, typical of a businessman, which would distinguish Trump from Biden’s circle, the Kremlin is seen as “only” interested in weakening and demolishing Moscow’s power. Donald certainly finds himself in a controversial position because, casting aside the old shades of Russiagate and various conspiracies, he came up with a sentence that sparked a lot of discussion (as it always does when he’s involved). Or that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a “stroke of genius.” In any case, in order to put a final end to the controversy, and above all to the conflict, the former US president announced that he would lock “Zelensky and Putin in a room, and we will never leave it again without signing a fair agreement.” From a “warmonger”, who frankly never starts wars, to a convinced pacifist, in short.

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3) Not only Russia, but also China: “I don’t know if I will provide military support to Taiwan.”

In short, before confronting China, you need to think very carefully. We must weigh our words very carefully so as not to further upset an already very determined Xi Jinping. Therefore, opening a second front with Beijing, while igniting a first front with Moscow, does not seem like a good idea for Trump. Does anyone feel like blaming him?

4) “Solving the abortion issue, but without fundamentalism.”

A very sensitive topic, very sensitive in the United States of America, in which the Republican Party calls for it to be conservative, but without falling into madness that does not respect women. In fact, there are positions on the right demanding an absolute ban on abortion for mothers, even in cases of violence and incest. “Health and freedom must be protected first and foremost, by setting a clear limit in terms of weeks, which in turn protects the fetus. But specifically: without fundamentalism, so that we can finally leave behind an issue that has always divided our great country.”

5) “I have absolutely nothing to do with Biden’s impeachment.”

Philon, who doesn’t particularly like him because he fears he’ll turn into a massive mutant. He knows something about this even from his personal experience, and therefore wants to prevent Biden from playing the victim and even taking advantage of this risky maneuver. “McCarthy is not a good fit for me and the Republicans are more aggressive than I am on this initiative.” No I’m not interested.

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