A “missing” plane in South Carolina, and the US Air Force asks citizens to help find the F-35.

A “missing” plane in South Carolina, and the US Air Force asks citizens to help find the F-35.

The US Army asked area residents for help South Carolina To find the F-35 that was lost after its crash. The army cannot understand where the remains of the plane, which lost its traces, ended up on the afternoon of Sunday, September 17. The pilot was able to descend by parachute and his condition is stable.

Ask for help on X-Twitter

“If you have any information that can help our teams locateF-35contact the Defense Base Operations Center at 843-963-3600.

This is the army’s message that appeared on the X website (formerly Twitter) and sparked sarcastic reactions from many social media users. Many joked by comparing the US Air Force’s request to that of the documentary film “Pepsi, Where’s My Plane?” But others responded by asking whether they had looked in Ukraine.

The place where the F-35 disappeared

The accident occurred around 2pm on Sunday, September 17, near… CharlestonIn South Carolina, when the F-35 pilot, having lost control of the plane, parachuted out.

The plane had taken off from the Beaufort Naval Base and was part of a training squadron and was flying alongside another plane.

The latter landed without problems, a circumstance that excludes the possibility of a collision between the two planes. To confirm the causes of the accident, technical investigations should be conducted on the downed plane, but traces of the car were lost in a somewhat mysterious way.

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Disappointment of politicians

The vehicle’s stealth capabilities also make searches difficult, making it invisible to radar. This is a production model Lockheed Martin At a cost of about $80 million, it is armed and equipped with the best technology.

So the US Air Force Joint Base Charleston decided to ask citizens for help, and launched an appeal on Twitter. In addition to the ridicule of Twitter users, the request also caused embarrassment in the world of politics.

“How the hell do you miss an F-35? Why is there no tracking device when we are asking the public what to do, find a plane and deliver it?”, commented Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace.

Image source: ANSA

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