April 2, 2023

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Ukraine latest news. Kyiv: Musk confirms Starlink network presence in Ukraine. The Russians are preparing to defend Kherson

EU launches ‘learning’ section against disinformation Moscow

The EU External Action Service’s East Stratcom Task Force is adding another tool that anyone can use to better understand and defend against the Russian disinformation threat. EUvsDisinfo, the EU’s first project to raise awareness about disinformation, has been enriched with a new ‘learning’ section euvsdisinfo.eu/learn/. This is what the EU External Action Service announces. This page explains the mechanisms, tactics, shared narratives, and actors behind disinformation and information manipulation. It provides insight into the Kremlin-friendly media ecosystem and also explains the philosophy behind the manipulation and interference of foreign information. Readers can also find easy answer techniques that anyone can apply, and then they can practice their newly acquired skills through quizzes and games.”

In the three months leading up to the February 24 invasion, the Eastern Task Force Stratcom observed a characteristic rise in misinformation narratives promoted by the Russian information ecosystem. At points known for the spread of disinformation, use of the keyword “Nazi” in relation to Ukraine increased by almost 300%, while the keyword “genocide” peaked by more than 500%,” he explains. Once again external action led Service Josep Borrell. “Over the past 12 months, more than 1,200 cases of disinformation have been recorded in the EUvsDisinfo archive that attack Ukraine, the European Union, its member states and the community of people who share the same idea, oppose Russian aggression and continue to support Ukraine.

As illegal military aggression continues, so do campaigns of information manipulation and disinformation. True disinformation and information manipulation activities take place in multiple languages ​​and dozens of platforms, both online and offline. The statement stressed that the attempt aims to divide our society, stir up divisions, stir up confusion, and divert attention from the Russian aggression and the war crimes it is committing.

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