“Science and Triathlon” continues the cycle of meetings in the municipality of Polisportiva Edera

“Science and Triathlon” continues the cycle of meetings in the municipality of Polisportiva Edera

The cycle of conferences “Science and Triathlon”, promoted by the Triathlon Department of the Polisportiva Edera Forl, continues. The initiative organized by the historic Polisportiva Edera, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, in a town hall crowded with many athletes, professionals and even just curiosities, saw the demarcation evening held last Friday, with an exceptional speaker, Professor Alessandro Alessandro, Professor of Aerodynamics at the University of Bologna and founder of the Ciclope Project, a science laboratory, born in Predappio and a global reference point for aerodynamic studies, particularly on the effects of air turbulence.

It is the scholarly edge afforded to the topics covered, along with Talamelli’s ability to simplify complex concepts, that prompted the audience to actively engage with a lively question time at the end of the evening. The presence of the main preachers of the partners who collaborated with Polisportiva Edera in the organization of the conference series honors the meeting; In addition to Forli Mayor Gian Luca Zattini, President of the University of Forli Campus, Professor Emmanuel Menegati, President of Cos Bologna, Piero Bagni, and Filippo Caporale, Federal Chancellor and President of the Italian Triathlon Federation, were present at the Unibo Federal Medical District. The tribute given by the President of Polisportiva Edera, Carmen Cabriolo, left ample space for the report of Professor Talamelli, an ironman and triathlon enthusiast under the Forli Ivy division.

A new date will be set on Friday at 20.45 at the Comunale di Forlì, this time dedicated to swimming, titled “Biomechanics and Tactics of the Swimming Part of the Triathlon.” The guest of the evening, Mattia Cicarelli, a local athlete, professional, who will give an interview to journalist Stefano Valente. Next, the extraordinary speaker will be Professor Giorgio Gatta. Professor at the University of Bologna, professor of swimming sports sciences and technology, was a member of the national water polo team (bronze at the Barcelona Olympics in Atlanta, gold at the World Championships in Rome and at the European Championships in Vienna) Currently a member of the scientific staff of the national swimming team, the national team For kayaking and canoeing.

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Undoubtedly one of the most competent experts in this field who will discuss the scientific principles and techniques affecting the swimming part of this conference. So another special evening awaits triathlete discipline enthusiasts, swimming specialists and those who want to get closer to the world of triathlon and who, at the end of the report, will be able to ask questions to the speaker and guest at an appropriate moment in question time. . The evening will be coordinated by Gian Piero Gramellini, Ivy and Talamelli Triathlon coordinator.

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