Betty Kadri, 9/11 Previews: Baby Sex – Betty Kadri

Betty Kadri, 9/11 Previews: Baby Sex – Betty Kadri

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Betty Kadri, 9/11 previews

Here is what will happen in the next episode of the Turkish drama with Demet Ozdemir

In the sixth episode of the second season My home is my destinyavailable on Mediaset Infinity from Monday 11th September On Channel 5, Mahdi unexpectedly walks into Zainab’s office to tell her that he feels like she’s too far away. Their relationship has witnessed a big change since Mahdi soon learned this He will become a father. Zainab, while accepting the situation, tells her husband this clearly Pinal has to get out of their lives.

Amina does one Jealous scene For Farouk, who spent the night outside. The man justifies himself by saying that he had to have dinner with Celine, the girl his father forced him to marry.

Mujan accompanies Binal to visit the hospital, and Mehdi also reluctantly goes with them. It’s an important day because we’ll find out The sex of the unborn child.

Zainab meets Amina on the street and the two former friends talkVery heated argument. After that, Zainab goes to the house of her friend, who secretly lives with Farouk, and invites her to leave him. The girl discovers that Farouk is in a relationship with Celine and does not understand how Amina can accept her. Mujan, Cemil, Benal and Mehdi are having a small party.

In the Previous episode, published Friday, September 8thTension continues between Zeinab and Mahdi due to the situation that has arisen at home.

My home is my destiny Available exclusively on the streaming platform Mediaset Infinity With a new episode every day from Monday to Friday.

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