A new date with “Science Wednesday” for the Aquarium Friends

A new date with “Science Wednesday” for the Aquarium Friends

A date with the new Aquarium Friends Science Wednesday on January 25th, at 5 pm, in the Aquarium Hall. Course “Science and Art. (IM) Possible binomial?” Continue with the “Ghost of Sand” meeting conducted in tandem by Mario Pistarino, Professor of Biology at the Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences (DISTAV) of the University of Genoa, and Simona Candiani, Professor of Developmental Biology. Department of Earth, Environment and Life Sciences (DISTAV) of the University of Genoa.

Speakers will delve into the evolutionary history and biology of sapiens, a small marine invertebrate organism that shares an ancestor with chordates that appeared more than 500 million years ago. Suhaymat live their whole life semi-submerged in the sand, hence the title given to the conference. In particular, the results obtained from studies of his young brain and the most prominent data on his genome will be presented.

Mario Pistarino, biologist, former full professor of developmental biology at DISTAV University of Genoa and from 2012 to 2015 dean of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the same university, is currently the Secretary General of the Ligurian Academy of Sciences and Letters. Participated in the International Amphiox Genome Sequencing Consortium. He conducted research activities in many national and foreign laboratories. He is the author of more than 100 publications entirely in international journals. The main subjects of study and research are developmental neuroscience and evolutionary biology

Simona Candiani, Professor of Cytology, Histology and Developmental Biology, is Principal Investigator in the Developmental Neurobiology Research Group at DISTAV at the University of Genoa. His research mainly focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying the development, differentiation, and development of the nervous system of teleosts and protochordates. He has been involved in sequencing the genome of Branchiostoma floridae and is currently in collaboration with the Rockefeller University’s Vertebrate Genome Laboratory, involved in sequencing a new group of amphibians identified in the Adriatic Sea. She is the author of more than 90 surveyed works and has many national and international collaborations. He is a member of the Library Council, a member of the SMFN Joint Committee, a member of the Department Council, a member of the body responsible for animal welfare, a member of the Scientific Editorial Committee of the Genoa University Press (GUP), a commissioner in the National Scientific Rehabilitation.

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The meeting and all subsequent meetings in the calendar will be held at 5 pm in the Aquarium Ballroom.
Free entry until all available seats are filled.
For information: tel. 010 / 2345.279-323, [email protected]

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