June 8, 2023

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Hunter Biden, everything is coming out of the computer of the son of the President of the United States. “Obsession” of the Washington-El Tempo earthquake

A new storm on Hunter Biden threatens to overwhelm the most famous father, President of the United States Joe Biden. It all stems from the “famous” laptop that the president’s son brought for repair in a Delaware store and then left there. The content, including videos, web search history, etc., ended up in the hands of the Daily Mail and the British tabloid published some material revealing “Hunter’s obsession with porn.”

Among the search words used in just six days, in March 2019, phrases such as “18 years old,” “single widow” and “MILF crack cocaine porn,” appeared, while the tabloid was able to watch “dozens of videos” that “reveal a tendency Hunter for filming himself having sex with prostitutes and posting the videos on his Pornhub account with the username “RHEast”, also reads the Daily Mail outlining how the president’s son never shows his face in the videos.Hunter had a premium account on Pornhub where He will get several badges for heavy use of the platform which he will also upload videos in. Of the 281 sites visited in those few days, 98 were pornographic, the British newspaper wrote.

Also through Pornhub Hunter, Biden was able to share a phone number with another user he had saved on his mobile phone as “Dad”. The newspaper talks about dozens and dozens of webcam videos of his laptop showing the 45-year-old having sex with prostitutes. “In an awkward moment after copulation, the shaggy hunter shows a face, leans to the left and gasps loudly” is the absurd detail emphasized in the article relaunched by Dagospia, likely causing an uproar.

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Hot material released from Biden Jr’s computer in October 2020, and included Hunter’s meeting organized between his father and a Ukrainian energy company in 2015, which The New York Post wrote about. At the time, US intelligence spoke of “Russian disinformation”, but the New York Times recently confirmed the source of the materials.