How Would a Brilliant Friend End: Previews from the Final Episode

We have now come to the end third season From a successful fantasy Rai1 The Brilliant Friend. Let’s find out how it will end.

Tonight it will air the penultimate episode while it closes next Sunday, February 27, this season.

Previews of the last episode

In the first episode entitled “I’m Still You”, it will be discovered that Elena’s marriage is in a serious crisis and is still making water from all sides.

The relationship between women run out It is no longer as poetic as before: Elena feels pressured and, above all, treats her husband like a slave who does not seem to understand his wife’s suffering.

Change will come when Nino Sarator appears one day at the door of Airota’s house.

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Petro and Nino A friendship will be established: the two will be entrusted to meet again as soon as possible and Elena We will look forward to their next meeting.

While waiting, the woman will decide to start writing again and will work on composing her new novel.

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the guy Saratur will give to Elena reactions to the manuscript, only to discover that Pietro had never read the novel. At this point, Nino will be hostile towards Pietro, albeit in a veiled and elusive way.

Well, the reaction of Pietro will not be long in coming: previews of this final appointment of the novel reveal that Elena’s husband will react to Nino’s passive-aggressive attacks.

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However, Pietro’s behavior will only fuel Elena’s suspicions about her husband and their marriage even more, and this is started in an even more severe way due to the situation that has arisen with Nino Sarator, in her life.

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