Did your mobile phone screen fall off? How to paste it

Did your mobile phone screen fall off?  How to paste it

If the mobile phone screen is broken or damaged, we can replace it ourselves: what is needed and what steps to take.

Did your mobile phone screen fall off? How to paste it (pianetaculare.it)

This may happen, due to a Accidental fallThe mobile phone may be damaged. The first part that breaks easily is a screen: Repair at a service center can be very expensive: therefore, we can implement a solution that allows us to save some money. Let’s find out together what steps to take to patch a broken screen.

Separate mobile phone screen

Before proceeding with smartphone repair, it is essential that you have everything the necessary Affordable: So the first thing you need to do is to buy a suitable replacement screen for your device.

Typically, these replacement parts can be purchased on eBay or on eBay Amazon. Furthermore, let’s not forget that the display model must be the same as the one installed on our smartphone: for this reason, we need to understand whether it is or not. Lamps or Waleed’s mother.

Cell phone and computer
Mobile phone screen replacement: steps to take (pianetaculare.it)

You also have to buy Adhesive and glue Which we will need to fix the back body. Furthermore, we must also buy – if we do not have it – the tools used to repair the smartphone in order to complete the entire procedure correctly, since there are very small screws that must be installed using small screwdrivers created specifically for such tasks.

The technical procedure to be implemented

Once we have all the tools we need on the table, we can move forward with the repair process. At this point, we can connect Display connectors On the motherboard, but first it is a good idea to disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard. If we don’t know, specifically, what a battery connector is, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it beforehand, but it usually is. It is found either at the top or on the side.

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Once we have identified the connector, we take the new screen and connect the connector that starts from the screen itself to the motherboard of the device that we have in order to align it very precisely, we also press on the side in such a way that we fix it well and then on the other side if necessary.

You should never catch it in the centerbecause when the screen is not placed in the correct position, it can bend the screws on the motherboard, thus causing irreparable damage.

Once the display is connected to the motherboard, we can proceed to reconnect the battery connector and then turn the device back on. The final step to take is implementation Fix the new display On a smartphone: In this case, we can use adhesive or glue, essentially placing it on the outer edge.

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