How to defeat Mewtwo in Teracristal Raids

How to defeat Mewtwo in Teracristal Raids

the Pokemon presents It was held last August 8, and unveiled several innovations arriving in the world of pocket monsters, including Teracristal raid championship Mewtwo in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Mewtwo arrives as part of the special event “Here’s Mew and Mewtwo” Which will allow you to add a file moa for your team and your fight against Mewtwo With the motto of absolute power. We remind you that you can get mew Secret giftredeemable until Monday, September 18th. Mewtwo Instead of that 7 stars Teracrystal Raid starting from Friday 1st September From 02:59 to 01:59 from Monday, September 18th. Let’s see together how to prepare to defeat him.

The 7-star Teracristal raids for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet can be very challenging, but with the right setup you can also catch the very powerful Mewtwo. The other protagonist of the event, Mio, will help us even if we need to set it up properly. Mio is the right choice To try and defeat Mewtwo when he gets to 50% more HP When he takes the field and upgrade 20% for all other stats. Also, eat IVs increased to 6 After entering the battle, his total base stats would be 600.

between The moves that Mewtwo can have against which you must resist we find: Psychic, Amnesia, Blast Concentration, Calm down, Breed, Fire Bomb, Plot, Big Physique, Psyblast, Spherepulsar, Breach, Shadowball, Thunder, Raindance. To defeat Mewtwo, the best combination to moa between skills, tools and statistics as follows:

  • a tool: coincidence;
  • capacity: synchronization;
  • Psychotherapist: dark;
  • Base Points (EV): 252 HP / 252 Special Attack;
  • nature: modest
  • Single Points (IV): 0 attack.
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Instead, it is Better moving kit for Mio As follows:

  • neuropulsar.
  • one to choose from Provocation, Amnesia, Magic, Howl of Fury, Screenlight, Reflection;
  • Conspiracy;
  • Acid bomb.

If Mewtwo balances Attack and Special Attack, you can exchange Taunt for Amnesia or Charm. Now let’s move on to the strategy that will be used in battle.

As far as combat strategy is concerned, using a Taunt prevents Mewtwo from using moves like Rebound, Conspiracy, and Calm Mind. The main goal should be Lower Mewtwo’s Defense with the Acid Bomb and boost Mew’s Conspiracy Attack. We can use Howlrage once to reduce Mewtwo’s special attack and magic if using Loose Physique. The hardest part of the battle will come when Mewtwo sets up Lo Teracrystal Shield And when will it cancel the effects on the negative stats for itself and positive for our team. After properly upgrading our stats and lowering their attacks, you can defeat Mewtwo with a sound neuropulsar Once myo crystallized.

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