How often should I defrost? Science says it: keep you and your loved ones safe

How often should I defrost?  Science says it: keep you and your loved ones safe

It’s scientifically speaking: defrosting, like any other household appliance, must be done in a certain way. This is the only way to keep your family safe.

Refrigerator and washing machine – And in recent years – and dishwasher These are three household appliances that are now considered indispensable in homes From the Italians, but not only. All residents are used to not having to struggle to hand wash clothes or clean dishes every time something gets dirty or To think that food should be kept fresh in a different way.

Yes, these three inventions have improved time, quality, and lifestyle, making life easier, more manageable, and less demanding. But be careful, even if these devices help us a lot in everyday life, they are not infallible, on the contrary.

Like anything you use over and over again throughout the day, its maintenance is nothing short of essential. Also because if the hardware is kept in good condition, it is more likely to last over time.

This is good for the refrigeratorAnd washing machine and dishwasher. but, The next tip will focus more on the first device. Here’s how to treat it and how to defrost it.

How to clean the refrigerator

It’s been emphasized earlier: cleaning your fridge is of utmost importance. Thousands of bacteria develop inside it and the causes can vary. Whether it is because of the high water and moisture content, or because of the chemical reactions of the stored food, keeping it sterile not only affects the health of the person but also the food.

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To proceed with proper cleaning, it must first be emptied. Once I checked out the products that were resting inside – deadlines etc. Proceed to extract the dismountable parts, such as drawers and shelves. You can now start cleaning the inside with warm water and mild soap. And for those who want to use natural products, they can opt for water and lemon. Just dilute it together and spray it on the walls of your fridge. For a freezer, these procedures must be followed.

How often should I defrost?
How often should I defrost?

How and when to defrost the freezer

The freezer is also very important. Food that has not been stored in a few days can be preserved thanks to this appliance. But, just like a refrigerator, it too needs careful maintenance.

According to experts, the refrigerator should be cleaned every 5/6 weeks while defrosting should be done at least once a yearthe best two if you can find the necessary time.

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