How much will a typical family pay in taxes in 2024?

How much will a typical family pay in taxes in 2024?

Tax reform is now proceeding rapidly withImplementation of the first decrees Which puts into practice what the financial delegation expects. One of the most important innovations concerns self-employed workers who will no longer have to pay the direct tax advance by November 30, but rather will be able to pay it in the year of jurisdiction, distributed among 5 convenient installments starting from January 16, 2024. This is certainly an important benefit for everyone who has a VAT number, but in reality it does not result in them obtaining rights to deductions or reductions in the amount that must be paid.

The real, declared revolution existsMerge the first two Irpef rates: Everyone with an income between zero and €28,000 will pay an ERBV based on a single rate of 23%. Obviously, the main beneficiaries of this change are precisely those with income equal to or greater than 28,000, who are expected to receive an annual Irpef deduction of 260 euros. That is, a 2% difference on the €13,000 (between €15,000 and €28,000) paid until 2023 based on a 25% rate.

Tax reduction and benefits

So the announced tax cut, meaning a reduction from four to three rates and income brackets for those who pay IRBV, translates into Maximum discount (We remind you that the highest incomes up to 50,000 euros will benefit from the maximum discount) From 260 euros.

Added to this The tax wedge cut is also renewed for all of 2024 For employees with income up to 35,000 euros (7% for income up to 28,000 and 6% for higher income) and total exemption from employee contributions until 2026 for mothers working on permanent contracts with at least two children. Moreover, Italians will find themselves, in 2024, a The Rai license fee is less than 20 euros Knowing that the total amount decreases from 90 euros per year currently to 70 euros.

At any price? To finance tax reform, reduce IRPEF rates and extend the reduction of the tax wedge, the government He had to find the necessary financial resources, lack of sufficient coverage. Obviously, resources are obtained by increasing taxes. Therefore, if the executive power helps the citizens on the one hand, it must necessarily take it on the other hand.

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What taxes will increase in 2024?

Given the above benefits, we have to deal with the next deluge of partial taxes that will affect certain segments of the population. There won’t be anymoreReducing VAT on children’s products Families with young children will pay the price for this.

more Dry coupon for short term rentals from 21% to 26%It is also true that this tax does not affect everyone, but only owners of more than one property acquired through short-term rentals. A 26% tax will apply to those selling a renovated property with 110% premium bonus on capital gains If the sale takes place within the first five years of renewal.

To this it must be addedIncreased customs duties on tobacco This will lead to an increase in the prices of all tobacco products, including cigarettes and cigars. Therefore, it is an increase that will affect all who consume tobacco products, regardless of income and social class.

And other burdens on citizens

If the budget law provides many benefits (but not for everyone), it will also entail many burdens that will fall on citizens. Expensive taxes on cigarettes, powdered milk and sanitary napkins will be a “tax” that will burden a large part of the population: leaveValue-added tax at 5%, returning to 10% starting in 2024.

There is also talk about A Increase tourist taxes during the jubilee period Which will actually be a burden for anyone traveling for tourism or business: local authorities will be able to increase the tourism tax by an additional 2 euros at their discretion. It will also riseTax on property owned by Italians abroad, IvyWhich ranges from the current 0.76% to 1.06%.

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On the other hand, plastic and sugar taxes have been frozen until July 1, 2024, barring any other interventions, and will not come into effect for another 6 months.

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