Double vacancies: all income Grillino fault

criticality basic income visible to the naked eye. From support that ended up in the pockets of the mafia to the usual malign ones, crimes over time have increased exponentially. In order to quell the fundamental complaints of the representatives of the Five Star Movement, statements, numbers and numbers that represent the veto in the field come. Study signed by Union Camera It leaves no room for many doubts: thanks to the scale of pentastetellology, the number of positions still open has doubled.

Study crush grillino income

The main failure in the citizen’s income is related to integration/reintegration unemployed in the working world. Despite the promises of Beppe Grillo & Co., the machine turned out to be a resounding flop. It is also for this reason that Giuseppe Conte and his supporters have limited themselves to extolling the purported benefits in combating poverty and social anxiety.

As proven freethe bulletin The annual report 2022 of the Excelsior information system created by Unioncamere and Anpal is clear: in 2022, the companies that planned to hire reached 60% of the total, in line with previous years. The level of new contracts has increased – from 4.6 to 5.2 million, which is 11 percent – but so has the difficulty of finding the necessary professionals on the market. The numbers are alarming, to say the least: the failure to match supply and demand to cover 41 percent of revenue has become: one place out of two is still empty. In two out of three cases there are no people available, and in the remaining three cases skills are lacking.

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The negative effects of basic income are self-evident. The unavailability rate among people without any qualifications and without experience is 34 percent. In 2019, it was 26 percent more difficult to find: fourteen percentage points lower than now. Even in 2021, post-pandemic, the percentage is lower, clocking in at 32 percent. Speaking in absolute numbers, we’ve gone from 1.2 million untraceable in 2019 to 2.1 million currently.

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