How much do all the games in the catalog cost? Let’s find out the total price –

How much do all the games in the catalog cost?  Let’s find out the total price –

Xbox Game Pass They are certainly among the best subscription services currently available in the video game space, and are probably the best ever for convenience, as evidenced by this interesting research on Prices for games in the catalog Show How much will all the titles cost? together or together.

According to We Got This Covered, the combined total cost of all the games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog on consoles is equal to 1026.24 USDThis is the cost that may require the purchase of all existing games. Which can give us an idea of ​​the monetary value of the catalog, considering that a year’s subscription costs about 120 euros (excluding any discounts and promotions).

except for me Xbox Game Studios first party gamesthe price will drop to $8,201.87, however significant even with regard to third-party addresses, which obviously represent the majority of the catalog.

to any concern computer games arcadebuying each game alone would cost $8081.91, which is $6644.32 if you exclude Microsoft games for the roughly 30 teams in Xbox Game Studios.

Obviously, We Got this Covered research only tells part of the reality on the Microsoft service, because calculating the value only on the basis of the prices of all titles is not enough to prove their suitability, as we then have to see the actual truth palatability of individual games.

Xbox Game Pass is now a pillar of Microsoft’s entire Xbox division

However, as we see from month to month, even in that last aspect there’s not much to complain about, so it’s still interesting to see the exact numbers for the overall economic value of the show.

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It is in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for approx 450 games, at least based on when the site did the search, while there are 409 in PC Game Pass, since there is no total overlap between the catalogs. Of these, 65 are backward compatible with Xbox 360 and older Xbox generation, so most of the games belong to Xbox One and Xbox Series X generations | S.

For the rest, we’ve seen games from the March 2022 first batch for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, while others arrive in the second half of the month yet to be announced, with some games removed from the catalog on March 15, 2022.

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