Google Maps, the free way to locate a phone number

Google Maps, the free way to locate a phone number

The popular app owned by the Mountain View giant allows you to take advantage of a very useful and interesting free feature. Here's how to effectively locate a phone number on Google Maps, and locate your device if you lose it.

How to locate a phone number using Google Maps (

Not finding your cell phone for any reason Or an electronic device can be a very annoying and worrying situation. Within us smart phonesIn fact, we enter a very large amount of personal information, which shows how these devices have become – for all intents and purposes – mini pocket-sized laptops.

Every time we leave the house, no one usually leaves their cell phone at home anymore. Therefore, it is an indispensable tool in our daily lives for a whole series of reasons. We can say, practically, that we are just “safer” and calmer With your phone in hand.

However, it may happen that you do not find your phone or it is stolen. In the following lines, we will show you The important feature of Google Maps to locate phone number. A feature is provided that can also be adopted to identify the phone number of very young children or an elderly parent Always respect everyone's privacy. Here are all the details.

Google Maps allows you to locate a phone number this way

with Google Maps So it is possible to locate not only your own phone, but also someone else's phone. This second step, however, is not legal and constitutes The crime is committed without the will of the person concerned.

Free Google Maps service to locate your phone number (

Net of all this talk, but let's see What to do to better locate a phone number For your device or for anyone who requests it – always respecting the legal side of the matter – Via Google Maps. Here is the procedure to follow.

The action to be taken

The first thing to do is move onInstall Google Maps on two devices. The first will be the one that will ultimately have to be tracked, while the second will be the one that will be exploited to search for the other.

It will be necessary to activate the item “Share location“and press”BeginsThis will allow you to track your lost phone and share its location with the other device using your Google account. Alternatively, it will be possible to share the location via direct link.

From the active device to locate the other phone, you will have to Click on the share link and observe the smartphone's position and movements on Google Maps. The shared position will then be located on the Share Position page.

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